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How to Wear Linen Clothing: 22 Questions & Answers

1. How to choose my type of linen dress?

Everyone has a type when it comes to clothing. Before looking for the right linen dress, ask yourself what would make you feel your best?

You might be looking for something to emphasize your lean figure or curves, like a linen dress in beige Sugar.

It is possible that you have already set your mind on choosing a dress of darker tones, like a linen dress in deep blue Alice.

On the other hand, you might want a dress that is more loose-fitting and brightly coloured. July linen sundress in light blue might be the one you could wear when going on a picnic or simply strolling around the beach.

The combinations are endless but one thing is for sure, a linen dress will always make you look and feel amazing even If you are not after any special type of dress.

2. Can a linen dress be worn in formal events?

Linen clothes are so versatile, that there is no doubt they would make you look and feel amazing in various life situations. It always depends on the design of the dress but you can most definitely find yourself wearing a linen dress to a formal event, from fine dining to an art gallery opening.

If you are a fan of deep and dark colours you would surely love trying out a dress like Endless romance linen dress in black. A classy design and short sleeves is just a perfect combination!

3. How to look stylish when wearing linen pants to work?

A pair of linen pants can be your top choice for an outfit meant for work. White linen pants are great for spring and summertime. If you decide to wear them, there are a variety of looks you could possibly create.

You could settle for a minimalistic look and keep your outfit monochromatic, or you could go for that colourful linen blouse and white linen pants combination with a pair of bright coloured shoes to spice up your style!

4. What about wearing linen clothing to sleep?

Wearing linen clothing is ideal for resting time. Whether it is a sleeping gown or a dress that you choose, rest assured that the quality of your sleep will be astounding. Linen is not only a thermoregulatory material but a highly breathable one. Your body will thank you for the comfort in your sleep. Choose the best linen pajama for your quality sleep.

5. How to rock a pair of dark linen pants?

Dark colours in clothing have some advantages. Besides covering any bodily imperfections, deep blue or variations of grey and black always make you appear exceptionally sophisticated.

Experiment and incorporate dark linen pants in your casual wardrobe. Deep coloured pants are perfect for any season and will fit you well with that oversized linen blazer you own or a cute short-sleeved blouse in red.

6. What to wear with high waisted linen pants?

High waisted pants is a necessity in any closet. Especially if they are made from linen. Wearing linen pants with a high waist is a stylish choice under all circumstances. When wearing a pair of pants of this design you can match them with a stylish linen blouse. Tuck the blouse in for the benefit of emphasizing your waist or leave it as it is and you are ready to go!

7. How to look gorgeous in wide-leg linen pants?

Linen pants with wide leg are extremely trendy in summer. A pair of pants of this kind will make you look amazing without effort!

Whether you are going for bright coloured pants or a pair of striking ones in red, you will be walking looking chic and experiencing comfort! Linen pants with wide legs match gorgeously with an elegant linen tank top and a pair of heeled sandals.

8. How to style a look with a linen jumpsuit?

Sometimes there is a mood for a jumpsuit.

Instead of wearing linen pants or a skirt, style a look with a linen jumpsuit! A jumpsuit is a very comfortable alternative to a dress or a pair of pants and will surely brighten your day.

To variate between different looks with the same jumpsuit simply change your accessories, like sunglasses or necklaces and your shoes.

9. How to wear a linen dress in summer?

When summertime comes it is finally the time to seek the clothing for hot weather. There is no surprise that short-sleeved linen dresses are the best choice for summer. Linen dresses are very durable and breathable also which helps a lot during the summer! Find out more why is linen good for summer.

Another helpful note for people that are prone to sweating is a fact that the unpleasantness of sweat circles under your arms can be eliminated by wearing darker-toned dresses.

10. How to wear a linen dress in spring?

A dress for springtime is one of the best ways to freshen up after those cold days of winter.

However, when it comes to the style of the linen dress that you are looking for, keep in mind that springtime is only the beginning of the warmth that is waiting ahead. Choose a dress that has a pair of longer or short sleeves.

11. How to wear white coloured linen shirt?

White might be the most popular color of clothing for summertime. It sure looks good on a tanned skin.

A white linen shirt can be oversized and fit perfectly with a skirt or tighter pants, just like it can also be of a more classic design. Nevertheless, it is one of the greatest possible choices for your holidays by the seaside! Here are some linen shirt outfit ideas.

12. How to style an outfit with a dark linen shirt?

A dark linen shirt will never go out of style. Dress with elegance and match your deep blue linen shirt with a pair of high wasted pants or a classy pencil skirt.

A shirt like navy linen Cloud is just a perfect choice for a day in the office or your friend’s birthday dinner party!

13. How to wear a linen skirt?

Your linen skirt is an item of a perfect spring wardrobe.

Match it with a linen blouse of the same colour and wear a denim jacket to complete the look! A beautiful ensemble for any occasion this springtime!

14. How to look amazing wearing baggy linen pants?

Baggy linen pants look great on a person with any type of body. Just choose your favourite colour and match them with your favourite linen tank top. An outfit made from loose linen pants and a short-sleeved top equals total balance. You can play with your accessories to create various looks using the same piece of clothing, let your imagination run along!

15. How to wear a linen cardigan?

Your linen cardigan can become your best investment, because it is irreplaceable all year round!

For example, your dark coloured cardigan can look splendid with your monochromatic ensemble consisting of linen trousers and a blouse in a bright colour. Your bright coloured cardigan, on the other hand, will look fascinating on your deep coloured linen dress. Your preferred combinations depend upon you!

16. What can I match with a linen blouse?

It all depends on the style of your linen blouse. A blouse like Lovestory in pink linen fits perfectly with a pair of jeans or black trousers. However, you can go for a look of one colour and try it out with a pair of rosy trousers or a lovely pink skirt.

Bright coloured blouse, like Madrid in orange linen can be a perfect match to your favourite summer skirt in deep blue. Similarly, the blouse surely looks good paired with a skirt or a pair of trousers of similar colour palette.

17. How and where should I wear a linen dress with V-neck?

A linen dress with an ever-elegant V-neck is a charming choice for a variety of events.

Wear your linen dress with a beautiful collar and a blazer and you are ready for a fancy dinner. Wear it with a pair of sandals and a sun hat and you can find yourself at the beach!

18. How to wear a pair of linen shorts?

Having a pair of linen shorts is a must for summertime. You can match them with different tank tops, blouses or wear it on your swimwear on sunny beach days. For some colder days, do not forget to bring a matching linen cardigan. Here are some ideas of linen shorts outfits.

19. How to wear linen blazer?

A good quality linen blazer is a must! It would bring more style to your every outfit. You can style your linen blazer with a jeans and t-shirt if you want to create a casual look. For more classy look, match your blazer with wide leg trousers and simple shirt or white t-shirt.

20. How to wear linen joggers?

Linen joggers is a great choice if you want to stay comfortable all day. Best thing about linen joggers that you can wear it casually with just a t-shirt and sneakers or create classy look, so you could wear it to the office: you just have to pick more appropriate blouse, shoes, blazer and here you go - perfect office look!

21. What fabrics go well with linen?

The great thing about this fabric is that there are no rules about wearing linen. Matching your linen garment with another article made from linen is pretty easy. What about creating an outfit of linen and other materials? For summer inspirations, take a look at the fabric of denim. Pairing up your favourite denim jacket with a gorgeous linen blouse already sounds lovely! Do not forget about your jeans, they look fantastic paired up with a linen shirt or matched with a cute linen blazer.

Wearing your sleeveless linen dress on a windy day might feel chilly. You should always have a cardigan nearby. However, your cardigan does not have to be made from linen in particular. Try wearing a cashmere cardigan or a sweater over your dress and radiate elegance!

22. When to wear linen?

The best thing about linen garments - you can wear it all year round! There are no rules for when can you start wearing linen. Although it's most popular to wear linen clothes in the summer, because of its characteristic it is possible to wear it in winter too: natural fabric is very durable and breathable and it's a great choice for those with sensitive skin, so it will make you feel very comfortable, you won't get too hot or too cold!

These were the answers to the top 22 questions about wearing linen. The key to styling your perfect outfits is not related with the quantity of the linen clothing you own. As always, quality is over quantity. You can always find new ideas for a perfect outfit, whether you count on your imagination or us.

One thing is sure, linen is just a perfect material for summer as it is for autumn. Find new inspirations and experience the beauty and the comfort of linen with LeMuse.

For extra tips on how to care for and wash your linen clothing, take a look at this article.

Check out the gallery below and browse our elegant linen clothing collection for even more inspiration this summer!

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