About Us

LeMuse – sustainable fashion brand

LeMuse holds the meaning of MUSE. We believe that every woman is a charismatic muse in her own ways. We want you to feel free and unbothered, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about your looks or wondering if your body is perfect enough, because it is. LeMuse garments have a serious purpose of making you feel a beautiful muse.

LeMuse - Muses are born here

Meet LeMuse

LeMuse was born more than 13 years ago. Today LeMuse is a family business. We are very passionate about clothes that are flawlessly fitting, minimalist, long-lasting and natural. We started out with non-traditional cut designs, so that clothing would easily shift shapes in accordance with the movement of a person wearing the garments.

Since the beginning we care a lot about the environment, sustainability and fair trade. That is why we make clothes from natural fabrics only, our production is organized and managed in Lithuania, Europe and we are continuously collaborating with local tailors. 

Minimal design and Natural fabrics

We love to create minimalistic designs defined by their simplicity! We do not bother to run after the latest trends: instead, we prefer classical and elegant styles that look marvellous every season and never go out of fashion. Many of our designs are of a non-traditional cut, so that clothes adjust to different body types. Also, to give each design a bit of a twist we add a little detail to spice it up: a bow on the shoulder, buttons on the back, an elegant neckline, etc. 

We believe that clothes should be long-lasting and that natural fabrics are a must. One of our favourite choices is linen – a perfect material for all seasons, especially summertime. We are proud to use locally produced linen, as it allows us to make sure that the quality of the material is perfect: it feels nice and soft on the skin, is very breathable and durable. For the winter season, we recommend wool which will keep you warm and cozy all the time. One wool sweater is enough to save you from unbearably cold winters. For versatility and comfort, we also recommend cotton. If you have a capsule wardrobe, it is important for its pieces to be made from natural fabrics. These items will last very long and bring you joy every single day.

Tailors and Production process

We are proud to support our community: all LeMuse clothes are produced here in Lithuania by our wonderful tailors who have more than 30 years of experience in sewing. From time to time we start working with new small sewing houses as our brand is expanding. It’s important to us that everyone who’s a part of LeMuse would feel comfortable, safe and happy in this environment. All of us grow together and have the same beliefs and goals: sustainability, perfection, fair trade and natural clothing.

Made to order

LeMuse has been a sustainable fashion brand from the beginning. We care a lot about the environment: this is why made-to-order is our priority, as it allows us to save resources and to make sure that nothing gets wasted. Also, it allows us to customize each item for the person. We know that clients have to wait a bit to get the order but they can be sure that their garment is made personally for them. Our clothes can be made according to their wish – we will adjust the measurements, so that their dress, blouse, trousers or cardigan would fit perfectly.