What to wear with linen pants: 5 outfit ideas

What to wear with linen pants: 5 outfit ideas

What to wear with linen pants

One of the best things about linen pants is that it is a very versatile clothing item, you can wear it on any occasion - business meeting, dinner party, sunny day at the beach, etc. Linen pants are easy to style with many different types of linen blouses and shirts: you can wear it with a t-shirt to create a casual look or shirt to create a more formal look. Also, do not forget about cardigans or chunky oversized sweaters if it gets a bit breezy outside.

What shirt to wear with linen pants

Linen pants goes with basically anything, it more depends on what kind of look you want to create: if you want to look more relaxed and casual, but still elegant, match your linen pants with white or black t-shirt. It’s a classy look, but very simple at the same time, you’ll feel very comfortable wearing it. Choose the best linen shirts for women and easily match it with linen shorts or linen wide or straight pants, it will look great with both!

If you want to look super chill and relaxed, match your linen pants with a loose fit t-shirt. Your t-shirt can have some illustration or print on it, so it would make you look even cooler.

If you have a dinner party and you want to look a bit more classy, you can style wide linen pants with a fancy blouse.

If you have to go to the office and you have to look more professional, you can create an absolutely stunning outfit with straight or wide leg linen pants and match it with a button up shirt or tight white/striped t-shirt. If it’s a bit cooler outside or you need to look a bit more formal, add a longer blazer to your outfit - you will look amazing!

If you want to create a romantic look, wear wide leg pants with an off-shoulder top, open back top or crop top - choose what suits you best!

What shoes to wear with linen pants

Same as with clothing, you can match your linen pants with different types of shoes.

If you want to create a casual look, match your outfit with flat sandals or ballerinas. It also looks great with white sneakers. If you are a sneakers lover, you can create a simple outfit but have a little twist with very interesting and colourful sneakers!

If there’s a special occasion or you just love to wear heels - do it! Wide linen pants will look great with classic heels. If it's summer, you can match it with heeled sandals, there are lots of options these days, so you can choose what you like the most! You can also match shorter pants or wide shorts with strappy heeled sandals or sneakers. Wear something you feel most comfortable with!

If you want to create a professional look, match your linen outfit with oxfords, loafers or heels. You can style shoes with white or different kinds of interesting design socks to look more stylish.

What shoes to wear with linen pants

What accessories goes best with linen

Wondering which accessories go best with a linen pants outfit? In our mind less is more. You don’t have to put a lot on yourself so you would look great. Create minimalist but memorable looks.

To create a professional look, add some minimalist jewellery to your linen pants outfit - like a watch, earrings or ring. You will look classy and elegant. Remember, simplicity is the key.

If you want to create a colourful and memorable look, find a pair of colourful shoes or treat yourself with a bright make - up (for example use colours like orange, pink, green or blue - show your creativity) and match it with a plain pair of linen pants - it will look great!

What accessories goes best with linen

Also, if you don’t like to wear jewellery or make up, make a statement with your manicure or pedicure - might look like a small thing, but it definitely attracts some attention and it would give your linen outfit extra twist.

If you want to look more romantic or you are on a beach vacation, match a summer hat or cute scarf with your linen clothes, it’s a great combo. Linen clothes will help you not to get too hot and summer hats will hide you from the sunshine.

Don’t forget your bag! Depending on occasion you can style your summer linen outfit with a big beach bag, smaller tote bag, handbag or even backpack - whatever is more comfortable for you, looks perfect with everything!

What accessories goes best with linen


Not sure how to create a catchy outfit? Here are 5 ideas on how to style linen pants.

1. White linen pants outfit

In our mind less is more. If you want to create an elegant, but very natural and simple look, match your wide white linen pants with a deep blue sleeveless top. Wide pants let you feel more comfortable and white colour brings more elegance. This outfit will suit you well if you have a romantic dinner date or office meeting. You can match these pants with heeled sandals, loafers or your beloved sneakers - looks great with everything!

2. Deep blue linen pants outfit

If you want to create a minimalist classy look, match deep blue linen pants with deep blue linen sleeveless top. It is a simple outfit, but still very elegant and classy. Don’t forget about the comfort - linen will let your skin breathe! Depending on where you are planning to go (dinner party, lunch, meeting), you can match this outfit with your favourite sneakers, sandals, heels or oxfords - choose what you feel comfortable with!

3. Summer linen pants outfit

Oh, our beloved summer! Don’t be afraid to play with colours - be creative! Match cerise linen shorts with cerise long sleeve shirt, teal line shorts with white sleeveless linen top or teal blouse! It’s summer, create fun looks! It will brighten your day too!

But if you’re not feeling comfortable wearing colourful clothes, don’t worry about it, create a simple, but beautiful look with beige linen shorts and a beige linen blouse.

4. Wide legged linen pants outfit

Wide legged pants are our favourite! It lets you feel comfortable and look very romantic and a bit elegant! If you like colours, you can match wide red linen pants with a red short sleeve blouse. Not a fan of colourful clothes? Not a problem. Choose something a bit more classy, for example white linen pants and match it with a deep blue shirt or teal shirt.

5. Linen pants to work outfit

Looking for something formal to wear, but still want to feel comfortable? Deep blue linen pants with deep blue long sleeve blouse should be your choice! If it’s a bit breezy outside, add a blazer to your outfit or your favourite woolen sweater.

Find more outfit ideas on our blog post and get to know benefits of linen clothing.


1. Check if your linen pants are not see through, cause it might make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

2. Don’t be afraid to match your linen clothes with other fabrics.

3. Don’t wear something which makes you feel uncomfortable.

4. Be yourself: don’t run after trends, create a long lasting look which you would feel comfortable with.

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