perfect plus-size dress

How to choose the perfect plus-size dress?

Learn about your measurements

Knowing your exact measurements can help you navigate the waters of online shopping. When you go out to shop and try out the dresses around you, it is not necessary to know your measurements. Nevertheless, if you are considering buying online or love shopping on the web, knowing your measurements and not only your size, is a must.

If there is a possibility, choose to customize your dress. Write down your measurements of bust, waist, hips and the length of your dress. Check out this blog post about how to measure yourself correctly.

Various designs of the dresses make them look and feel differently, despite them being the same size. This is why being able to tell your measurements helps you to avoid the complications of returning or changing your dress.

Research the material of your dress

It is a widely known fact, the fabric of which your dress is made of is very important. Wearing natural materials, undoubtedly, is the best thing for your comfort and style.

The material must flatter you equally as the design of your dress. For flattering comfort take a look at the plus size summer dresses made from linen. Linen, being a natural textile, is just perfect for summer, as it has a special thermoregulatory property.


Take some time and imagine yourself wearing a beautiful dress like deep blue MARINE PLUS linen dress or red LUCKY PLUS linen dress. Be sure that wearing any of these plus-sized dresses will make you feel elegant in any situation and experience the comfort of wearing linen material.

Dress with the right fit

You might know your size and measurements, which is just awesome. However, dressing according to your figure and looking at the fit of the particular dress is just as important. For example, If you are looking to emphasize your curves, try out the dress beforehand if there is a chance or consult with the people from the store.

Choose right for the occasion

There exist numerous styles of the dresses. Ones are meant to be worn in summer, some are specifically tailored for celebrations, other dresses can be worn casually and are considered everyday wear. If you choose the right model for your body and the occasion, you will look flawless in any kind of those dresses.

Do you have an upcoming party and want to dress sophisticated? Choose from our classy dresses, something like LeMuse deep blue OLIVE PLUS linen dress. This dress will embrace your natural curves and will let you radiate with elegance!


Are you looking for that perfect springtime or summer dress? A dress you could wear to a brunch with your friends or, simply, to work? You might like orange JULY PLUS linen dress or red LUCKY PLUS linen dress both being two fabulous choices for warm and hot weather and people who adore bright colours!



Sometimes you just need to find the right dress on which you could count on everyday. Choosing a classical model dress like OLIVE PLUS in deep blue let you enjoy any day with grace.

Choosing your perfect plus-size dress is done in the same manner as choosing a dress of any size - by trial. Think about what it is that you really want and what kind of style makes you feel good. You will never go wrong when listening to yourself first, so go ahead and wear that perfect dress you always wanted!

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