How to measure yourself?

Eventually, there comes a time when you decide to look for a new dress because summer is quickly approaching or maybe you have an upcoming festival waiting on the corner. Just then you come across the wondrous online shopping. Knowing your size is certainly a win, but what If the size differs a bit (or a lot) between different platforms and e-shops?
That is where knowing how to properly measure yourself comes in handy. Needless to say that you would want to choose and buy an item of appropriate sized clothing. Here are some terrific advises on the matter of measuring yourself.

Measure your bust.

When measuring your bust you should place one end of the measuring tape at the fullest part of the chest, then work the tape around and back to the starting point to find out your measurement.
A note: to achieve an accurate measurement, you should not measure yourself wearing clothing and you should avoid tightening the tape measure or loosening it too much.

How to measure yourself?

Measure around the fullest part of your chest.

Measure the narrowest part of your waistline.

Measure the fullest part of your hips standing with your feet together.

Measure your waist.

Correctly measuring your waist is not as tough as some people believe. To find out your exact measurement you should use the measuring tape on your natural waistline, known as the narrowest area around the waist. You can locate your waistline just above your belly button. Similarly, wrap the measuring tape around your waist and do not tighten it too much.

Measure your hips.

To measure your hips stand straight with your hips together. Your aim is to measure the fullest area of the hip section. Make sure that the measuring tape goes over your buttocks as well to get the precise results.
A note: standing in front of a mirror or reaching out to a friend can help while measuring your hips.

Your measurements and given sizes.

Now you know your each measurement, this means that it is time to move on to the size chart.
With LeMuse Clothing Size Chart you can find out more about the given sizes from XS to XL.
Take a look and compare your measurements to the ones written in the table to get a hold of your size.

BUST32”- 33.5”34.25”- 35.5”36.25”- 37.5”39”- 40.75”41”- 43.5”43.75”- 48.25”
81- 85 cm87- 90 cm92- 95 cm99- 103 cm104- 110 cm111- 122 cm
WAIST25”- 26”27”- 28”29.25”- 30”31.5”- 33.25”33.5”- 36.25”36.75”- 41.75”
63- 66 cm68- 71 cm74- 76 cm80- 84 cm85- 92 cm93- 106 cm
HIPS35.25”- 36”37.25”- 38.25”39”- 40.25”41.5”- 43”43.5”- 46.25”46.5”- 50”
89- 91 cm94- 97 cm99- 102 cm105- 109 cm110- 117 cm118- 127 cm

Bonus tip: How to measure the length of your dress?

To get the exact and right measurement for the length of your dress you should start measuring from your shoulder right where you can point a stitch (it should be about in the middle of your shoulder) on the garment, then use the rest of the measuring tape to reach the ending of the dress.

Getting to know your exact measurements might be time-consuming, but it is definitely worth it!
After all, wearing a beautiful dress that is not your size might be a little overwhelming, while putting on one that makes you feel good in your skin and lets you radiate beauty is just fantastic!