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Why wool is good for summer?

Can You Wear Wool in the Summer?

The short answer is yes; you can wear wool clothes in the summer. You only have to ensure that it is lightweight wool. Wool is breathable and has natural performance characteristics that enable it to perform in all kinds of weather. You can wear wool for summer and remain comfortable.

4 Reasons to Wear Wool in Summer

Here are some reasons to wear wool for summer, regardless of the event:

1. It's Odorless

Anyone who likes conducting activities outdoors during the summer sweats a lot. The lightweight wool wicks sweat away from the body, maintaining a healthy microclimate that discourages bacteria from sticking to the skin. You will have less body odor, and woolen clothes don't retain odors.

2. It's Breathable

So, is wool too hot for summer? Merino wool can naturally release heat from the body and help you regulate body temperature. A typical example is when you are hiking or exercising, and your body starts heating up. Merino wool transfers this heat from your body and helps you to stay cool. The wool has a crimped structure that lets air pass through the woolen fabric more easily than in other fabrics.

3. It Protects Against UV Exposure

Wearing wool for summer can protect your skin from sun exposure and prevent the many complications caused by sunlight. Sunlight exposes your skin to UV light, which can cause premature aging, sunburns and skin pigmentation, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Wearing wool in summer offers your skin three times more protection from exposure to UV light.

4. It is Friendly to the Environment

Anyone aware of environmental pollution will want to protect it from any factors contributing to the pollution. That is why woolen clothing is the best choice. Wool is biodegradable, leaving no environmental pollutants. Its self-cleaning ability makes it easy to use wool without the need to wash it frequently, contributing to environmental conservation.

Wool Wearing Ideas for Summer

So how can you wear wool in summer? As you plan your activities, consider these ways of wearing merino wool in summer.

Get an Extra Layer for Outdoor Activities

The summer weather may experience unpredictable fluctuations, so you must be prepared. You can have a woolen layer under your shirt to protect you when the weather changes. But is wool hot in summer? If the weather becomes too hot, the layer can become a standalone t-shirt. Besides the t-shirt, you can also wear wool pants in summer for uniform body temperatures.

Carry a Wool Cardigan for Protection

Blustery weather with the shining sun can make it challenging to choose an outfit. Applying sunscreen is one way to protect yourself, but you can also carry a wool cardigan made from wool, especially when wearing cotton. UV rays from the sun can reach your skin if you are wearing cotton. However, summer wool clothing provides three times more protection.

Woolen Suits

You can get a lightweight summer wool suit made to fit the needs of warmer weather. These suits are breathable and will allow your body to stay cool in the hot summer weather. Even if you sweat due to rising temperatures, these suits provide moisture control, preventing the build-up of odors. Buy a suit with no lining because polyester linings can make it difficult for wool to wick moisture away from the body. Also, when selecting wool in the summer, don't choose dark colors because they absorb the sun's heat. For women, a lightweight summer wool dresses will suffice.

Final Thoughts

Many people think that woollen clothes are only suitable for winter. However, wearing wool for summer can be helpful, providing various benefits of wool, including health benefits and environmental conservation.

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