What to Wear to a Bridal Shower: Main Rules and Outfit Ideas for the Guest

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower: Main Rules and Outfit Ideas for the Guest

We will provide helpful tips on what to wear and what not to dress in a bridal shower as a guest. We will also give you trendy style ideas that incorporate the dress code and theme of the party, so you can confidently choose the proper outfit and avoid any fashion faux pas. So, get ready to look elegant, flowery, and fashionable while considering the bridal shower etiquette and not upstaging the bride.

What is a Bridal Shower Guest Attire?

Bridal shower guest attire refers to the appropriate outfit that a guest should wear to a bridal shower. The dress code for bridal showers can vary depending on the activity, venue, time of day, season, and party theme. Generally, the bridal shower attire is more casual than the wedding ceremony, but it is still important to dress appropriately.

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower: Dos

When choosing bridal shower guest dresses, there are some dos and don’ts to remember. Here are some helpful insights on what to wear to a bridal shower when invited:

  • Light, flowy fabrics. Lightweight materials like chiffon or silk can add a romantic and feminine touch to your outfit. These fabrics also allow for better movement and breathability, which is especially important for outdoor or summer showers.
  • Prints and patterns. Incorporating prints and patterns into your outfit can add visual interest and make your look more memorable. Florals, polka dots, and stripes are all popular choices for bridal showers.
  • Appropriate undergarments. Wearing the proper undergarments is vital to achieving a smooth and polished silhouette. Avoid visible panty lines or bra straps by wearing seamless or strapless undergarments, depending on the style of your outfit.
  • Hats or fascinators. Wearing a hat or fascinator can add a fun and stylish touch to your outfit, especially for outdoor or garden-themed showers. Choose a style that will complement your outfit and personality.
  • Textures. Adding different textures to your outfit, such as lace, embroidery, or ruffles, can create depth and dimension. This can be an awesome way to make a simple outfit more interesting and unique.
  • Statement pieces. Accessorizing with a statement necklace, earrings, or bracelet can elevate your look and add a touch of glamour. Choose one piece that stands out, and keep the rest of your accessories minimal.
  • Body type. When choosing a bridal shower dress for guest, it’s essential to consider your body type and choose a style that flatters your figure. For example, a wrap dress can be an excellent choice for an hourglass shape, while an A-line dress can be flattering for a pear-shaped figure.
  • Comfortable shoes. Bridal showers often involve games or activities, so wearing comfortable shoes is essential to walk and stand in for a few hours. Choose a style that compliments your outfit, such as wedges or sandals for a summer shower.
  • Small clutch or purse. Bring a small clutch or purse to hold your essentials, such as your phone, lipstick, and ID. Go for a style that complements your outfit and is easy to carry.

Generally, consider the following:

  • Dress according to the party’s theme. Bridal showers can have different themes, such as a garden party, a brunch, a beach party, or a cocktail party. Dressing according to the party’s theme shows that you put in some effort and respect the hostess’s wishes. If the party has a specific theme, make sure to follow it, as it can add to the fun and ambiance of the event.
  • Incorporate light fabrics and flowery prints. Since bridal showers often occur during the warmer months, it’s a good idea to wear light and airy fabrics like chiffon, cotton, or linen. Floral prints are also famous for bridal showers; they are feminine and cheerful. You can choose a dress, skirt, or blouse with floral prints and pair it with neutral accessories to balance the look.
  • Choose elegant and feminine outfits. Bridal showers are usually a more formal than a bachelorette party or a bridal brunch. Choose a bridal shower dress for guest that is elegant and feminine, and that makes you feel comfortable and confident. You can opt for a midi or maxi dress, a jumpsuit, or a skirt and blouse combination. Avoid wearing too revealing or casual clothing, as it may not be appropriate for the occasion. Modest outfits are always good idea for this event.
  • Wear light jewelry and accessories. When it comes to jewelry and accessories, less is often more. Choose light and delicate pieces, such as stud earrings, a simple necklace, or a bracelet. Avoid wearing anything too chunky or bold, as it may distract from your outfit or look too casual.
  • Consider the venue and weather. The venue and weather of the bridal shower can also influence your bridal shower guest outfit selection. If the shower is taking place outdoors, wear comfortable shoes and bring a light jacket or sweater in case it gets chilly. If the venue is more formal, wear heels and dress up your outfit with statement jewelry.

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower: Don’ts

While there are some dos to follow, there are also some don’ts to keep in mind. Here are some things to avoid wearing to a bridal shower:

  • Don’t Wear White. One of the most important rules to remember is to avoid wearing white. This color is reserved for the bride, and wearing it can take away from her special day. Also, it’s best to avoid wearing pale pastel shades that may look white in photographs.
  • Don’t Wear Black. Black is often associated with funerals and can be too dark and somber for a bridal shower. You don’t want to detract from the festive and celebratory atmosphere of the event.
  • Don’t Wear Revealing or Too Short Outfits. A bridal shower is a better time to show off less skin. Avoid anything too tight, too short, or too revealing. Remember, you want to avoid upstaging the bride or drawing attention away from her.
  • Don’t Wear Anything Too Casual. While you don’t want to overdress, you don’t want to underdress. Avoid anything too casual, like shorts or athletic wear. You want to look put together and presentable.
  • Don’t Wear Anything Too Bright or Bold. While you can incorporate some color into your outfit, avoid anything too bright or bold. To avoid standing out too much or drawing attention away from the bride.
  • Don’t Wear Anything Too Heavy. Depending on the season and venue, you want to avoid wearing anything too heavy or bulky. Avoid thick fabrics or anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t Wear Anything Too Beachy. While a beachy outfit might be appropriate for a beach wedding, it’s not always the right choice for a bridal shower. Avoid anything too casual, like flip flops or beach cover-ups.

Bridal shower outfit ideas for the guest

We prepared a list of outfit ideas for the bridal shower. Find the most suitable option for you.

1. A floral dress

A flowery dress is perfect for a spring or summer bridal shower. The dress can be any length but should be classy and elegant. The dress should be a manageable length and revealing. If you opt for a shorter dress, you can pair it with a nice pair of heels to make it more formal. You can wear a dress with pastel shades, perfect for a garden or beach bridal shower.

2. A linen dress

Linen dresses are very trendy and perfect for a summer bridal shower. They are comfortable, light, and airy, perfect for a hot day. You can choose a midi or maxi linen dress and pair it with some light jewelry and accessories. Linen dresses are perfect for a casual or semi-formal bridal shower.

3. A cocktail dress

A cocktail dress is perfect if the bridal shower is fancy and formal. You can choose a dress that is knee-length or slightly above the knee. The dress can be of any color, but make sure it’s not too bold or show-stopping. You can pair it with some heels and elegant jewelry.

4. Pastel Shades

Pastel shades are perfect for a bridal shower. Soft colors like light blue, pink, and yellow will make you look sophisticated and elegant. You can choose from different styles, such as a shift dress, a lace dress, or a skater dress.

5. A jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is an excellent alternative to a dress. It’s trendy, comfortable, and perfect for a semi-formal or casual bridal shower. You can choose a jumpsuit that is either long or short and pair it with some lovely sandals. You can also accessorize with a clutch and some jewelry.

6. A skirt and blouse

If you prefer separates, you can opt for a skirt and blouse. You can pair a midi or maxi skirt with a nice blouse. The blouse can be of any style or color, but make sure it’s not too revealing or casual. You can accessorize with some jewelry and a clutch.


When attending a bridal shower, the outfit selection can be tricky. However, with some helpful tips and guidelines, you can choose the perfect bridal shower outfits that are stylish and appropriate for the occasion.

When selecting your outfit, there are many things to consider from theme of the party till the season. Good idea to order a dress according to your measurements which will fit you perfectly. LeMuse offers made to order clothes, so you can have your perfect dress here. It’s also essential to avoid wearing white, black, or anything that may detract from the wedding festivities. Bridal showers can range from formal to casual, so dress accordingly.

Incorporating some trendy styles, such as floral, linen, jumpsuits or cocktail dresses, can help you achieve the right outfit for a bridal shower. And most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy celebrating the bride-to-be with your friends and loved ones.

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