Top 5 essentials for your summer closet

Top 5 essentials for your summer closet

It is fairly crucial to arrange your outfit beforehand, for example, the previous night. It might not be that effortless to choose the right pieces that you need from the clothes that you already have. This is why sometimes it is necessary to renew your closet. Here are 5 essentials for your summer closet from the collection Mix&Match. And remember, linen in summer is the best choice.

The linen shorts in white always look good in the hottest season. The high waist of the shorts and an elegant ribbon emphasize and give an impression of a slender waist. The shorts also have pockets, a must for your comfort and style. Overall, these shorts win over with the mellow vintage feeling they radiate!

These lovely white linen pants have a similar styling to that of the already mentioned linen shorts. The pants are relaxed fit, perfect for warm but windy weather, preferably for the walks near the sea or the ocean! The pants are ideal for any occasion and wonderful for matching them with either various shirts, jackets or even dresses.

The tank top in blue is dashing with its smoothness. The deep blue colour fits everyone and makes you feel sophisticated. The top has a round, refined neckline and short sleeves and is just right for creating outfits with a pair of jeans, linen skirts or trousers. The combinations are numerous!

A deep blue dress is simply an ideal choice for your wardrobe. A fashionable model, suave colour, distinguishing belt that can be taken out, and naturally, pockets. The dress is made for your coziness and at the same time, for you to feel graceful. This linen dress assembles well with trousers from Mix&Match collection.

The dress (or shirt dress) has an elegant classic look. Like sleeveless deep blue dress it appeals well with its ability to be styled with various distinct pieces like linen trousers and skirts, granting an ability to create even more layers if wanted. The minimalist style of the dress inspires to find that charm in modesty and natural forms.

These are the top 5 essential pieces for your summer wardrobe. Do you feel like mixing it up a little bit? Feel your best and be confident with your summer outfit choices!

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