Sustainable fashion: why changing your shopping habits matters now?

Sustainable fashion: why changing your shopping habits matters now?

Sustainalble clothing

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable clothing companies aim to promote the most environmentally friendly practices in their production by using sustainable and natural materials that do not harm the environment even when they are discarded. Ethical fashion brands make sure that the clothing that you buy ends up being an investment – it involves better quality fabrics and better production methods.

How to recognize and buy sustainable fashion?

Learn how to read and check labels - this might seem obvious but once you start reading the small tags on the inside of your dress you will never be able to go back. Choosing clothing that is made from sustainable fabric is step number one when embarking on your sustainable fashion journey. Understanding what makes a particular fabric sustainable also requires some practice. Generally, fabrics that require the least amount of resources to produce, are biodegradable and durable would be the ones ethical fashion brands would be using. A perfect example is linen - made from the flax plant, it requires very little water to produce, organic linen uses much fewer pesticides to be grown whilst other parts of the plant can be used to make linseed oil or flax seeds. Arguably the best part about linen is its durability and longevity, just like fine wine it only gets better with aging! Similar qualities are shared by hemp, organic cotton might be another great choice.

Buy small and make considerate choices

Whilst not always a given, companies of smaller size tend to be much more environmentally friendly – small organic clothing brands have much more control over their production, generate less waste and employ more responsibly. Support ethical clothing brands that are open about their practices and their fabrics. Finally, no one needs 10 different black nylon dresses – maybe it’s time to invest in a sustainable fashion capsule wardrobe and invest in its key pieces? After all, sustainable fashion is as much about the product as it is about you – what sort of choices do you make for yourself. It’s not a single linen dress, it’s a lifestyle!

How LeMuse promotes sustainable fashion?

As a company, we believe that we try to make the best possible choices for our consumers when producing ethical clothing. Fashion trends are not something we are keen to follow, instead we focus on creating pieces that last multiple seasons and producing from sustainable fabrics allows us to do that. At LeMuse we understand the importance of efficient and modern working techniques that reduce waste, it’s how we are able to offer the best prices for our clients.

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