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Our top 6 choices for autumn wardrobe

We are welcoming the colourful autumn season with warm hearts and honest smiles. The weather is changing and is getting ever so windy and humid but that is just an inspiration and invitation to open our wardrobes and get creative and stylish! One of the best materials that is just made for the colder seasons is wool. Wearing woollen cardigans is one of the greatest things about autumn, especially because it never goes out of style! Take a look at our top 6 choices for the autumn wardrobe.

1. Grey cardigan in wool Tulip

You must have had these days when all you want is to simply stay in and watch the pouring rain outside your window. It gets a little cold as you are getting cozy on your sofa so you decide to look for something warm. This is the moment that you remember and delightfully put on your gray woollen cardigan Tulip. You know that as soon as you wear it, you should forget about getting a cold.

2. Beige cardigan in wool Kimono

Your favourite sweater should never ever let you feel cold. A top wool cardigan will also be the right fit for any situation, from a casual evening at home to a day in the office. Just imagine owning a women’s cardigan that has it all! Check out this fantastic garment made of wool and just right for your autumn wardrobe. Stay elegant with a Kimono cardigan.

3. Wool cardigan Moon

It is easy to stay sophisticated and comfortable when you want to! Owning a woollen cardigan surely helps that. Moon in grey is perfect for all sizes and body types. It can be worn as a gorgeous plus size women’s cardigan. This cardigan is right above your knees and it has a casual yet refined design. A perfection for any type of weather!

4. Long wool cardigan

Sometimes all you need is a long wool cardigan. It is a garment that is just made for the colder seasons. A wool cardigan Long is a stylish choice that can be matched with a variety of clothing, starting from a classical pencil skirt ensemble to a long dress. Feel creative and know that this cardigan has your back!

5. Oversized wool cardigan Wide

There will never be enough of the warmth. Wearing an oversized cardigan is always great, because it will make you feel cozy and comfortable and will ensure that your outfit will be complete! This woollen cardigan Wide comes in three beautiful colours, beige, grey and black. Choose your cardigan for a classy autumn look!

6. Cardigan in wool Passion

The autumn is surely breezy, but it is also a very beautiful season. So many colours and occasional autumny sunshine are ready to lift your mood but you yourself can raise the mood by wearing your favourite cardigan everywhere you go! A woollen cardigan Passion can easily become your go-to. Passion is available in cream or grey. It is just perfect for your cozy and romantic walks in the park and tea drinking with your closest friends. Find the beauty in these small moments!

Like every year, autumn brings some new perspectives and inspirations to our lives. Even though the seasons change, stay the same enchanting muse that you are, despite the weather.

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