How to wash wool

How to wash wool

Wool is more delicate than most fabrics, and that means you have to wash your wool garments correctly, otherwise they’ll get damaged.

Many people tend to wonder, “Can I wash wool?” If you’re having doubts about washing wool or don’t know how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we will cover the following questions:

Can You Wash Wool?

The answer is YES. You can hand wash 100 % wool or use a washing machine to clean it. Wash wool garments in clean, lukewarm water, and using a gentle detergent and then rinse. You can also machine wash wool on the delicate cycle or wool cycle on your washer.

What Happens If You Wash Wool?

As long as you use the right setting and the correct wool wash temperature, your wool items will come out clean and in good shape. But if you use harsh detergents or the incorrect setting, you can damage the fabric or your wool clothing can shrink. Luckily, there are some ways to unshrink wool.

You may also be wondering, “Does wool shrink in the wash?” Unfortunately, wool can shrink if you use the wrong water temperature.

How To Wash Wool In Washing Machine

You can wash wool garments on the wool setting. If your washing machine does not have a wool cycle, use the delicate cycle.

It is recommended that you use a mild, gentle detergent and make sure to wash on a low temperature, quick wash setting to prevent shrinkage.

Here are the steps to follow to machine wash wool:

Step 1: Turn your garment inside out.

Step 2: Set the right water temperature.

Step 3: Select the wool cycle or delicate cycle to ensure there won’t be too much agitation in the washer.

Step 4: Add the right amount of mild detergent to the wash and start the washer.

Wool Washing Instructions

Here are some of the tips that will help you keep your wool clothes in top shape:

  • Always check the fabric care label before washing.
  • Do not soak woolen clothing.
  • Wash wool clothing, like wool sweater less frequently.
  • Flat dry your woolen garments after washing.
  • Do not set the washing machine to speed over 600 rotations per minute because excessive agitation could damage the fabric.
  • Washing wool items with cold water is perfectly fine because it lessens the chances of shrinking. If you prefer to use the washer and it does not have a wool cycle, use the cold water wash to clean your wool items.
  • A mild, gentle detergent with a Woolmark symbol is recommended for cleaning wool.

How To Hand Wash Wool

A common question many people tend to ask is “Can you hand wash wool, like wash wool coat?” Of course, you can hand wash your wool clothes and keep them looking like new.

Here are the wool washing instructions to follow:

Step 1: Add a gentle detergent to a basin of water.

Step 2: Turn the item inside-out and submerge it in the water. Swish it around for a few seconds to get it completely wet. Leave it soaked in the water for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse the item twice to remove the soap residue.

NOTE: Do not wring woolen clothing. Instead, lay woolen clothing flat to dry on a mesh rack or a fresh towel.

Hand washing wool

For bigger woolen items like blankets, hang them up to air dry, preferably in a place that doesn’t receive too much direct sunlight.

After your woolen items have dried, fold them and put them in a drawer. Do not hang them on hangers, as this could lead to stretching.

You may also wonder if you can iron woolen clothes. It is advisable to use a steamer to get rid of wrinkles on woolen clothes. If you must use an iron, turn the clothes inside out and use a pressing cloth.

How To Wash Wool With Vinegar

Washing wool with vinegar is recommended if your woolen garments are smelly. Vinegar helps to get rid of odors from wool clothing and makes wool less itchy. Washing wool with vinegar is done separately, after you’ve washed your garments with a detergent and rinsed them properly.

Put water in a basin and add 1 cup of vinegar to the water and submerge your woolen items in the water. Swish them slowly around to allow the water to penetrate the fibers and rinse them well.

What Is The Right Wool Wash Temperature?

As a general rule, 40 ℃ should be the warmest temperature you should use to wash wool clothing.

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