How to take care of your woolen clothes?

How to wash wool

Firstly, you should note that there are various approaches to washing woolen clothing and you should choose one regarding the label of the garment. Some woolen clothing can only be dry-cleaned, but most of them can either be washed by hand or in the washing machine. When washing your woolen sweater by hand, the first step would be to squirt a little of the wool detergent that you own into a place where the washing will happen, a sink or a washing up bowl. Then you should turn your sweater inside-out, put it in the water and let it soak for a while. The soaking will help the soap to submerge in the fibers. Without rubbing, rinse your garment twice to get rid of the soap. Do not start to wring your sweater after the wash, instead gently press to drain the water and roll your garment in a dry towel for the excess water removal. Secondly, If it says so on the label, you can also wash your woolen clothing in the washing machine. Use a gentle cycle or a special program for wool on your washing machine and choose the right detergent. Turn your clothes inside-out and place them in the washing machine. When the washing cycle is complete, you might be able to tumble dry your garments, according to their labels.
Bonus tips: To keep your woolen clothes fresh in between washes you should air them. Simply leave your woolen items to lie on the chair or on your bed, hang them indoors or outdoors, as long as you leave them for at least a day, the circulating air will remove sweat odors from them. You can also avoid stains on your garments if you react quickly enough. When you get a new stain, make sure to wipe it up before it gets absorbed into the fibers. Also, defeat small stains by blotting them with water and soap.

How to dry wool

Drying your woolen clothing is just another easy step to follow. Most woolen clothes are not made for tumble drying, that is why it is so crucial to read the labels. Normally, you should lay your woolen articles flat and place them in a shade. You do not want your clothes to lose shape, so it is best not to hang them.

How to iron wool

If the label permits, you can iron your woolen clothing. Adjust the setting on the iron and put a thin cloth over your woolen garment. You should wait until your wool item dries completely to be able to iron it. Iron the item as gently as possible and do not press it.

How to store and maintain wool

Your woolen clothes should be stored in a drawer instead of hanged. To repel the insects that might seek your woolen clothing when the season is over, you should put the clothing in a secured plastic bag. Also, throw in a bug deterrent, like lavender, which is also natural. Before the season of woolen clothing ends, make sure to give your woolen clothing one final wash and do not forget to air your clothing on the day you start using them again.

These were the tips on how to take care of your woolen clothing. When properly maintained and cared for, woolen garments stay as good as new!

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