How to take care of a linen dress?

How to take care of a linen dress?

1. How to wash?

Cleaning your linen dress should not be a challenging task. You can most definitely either wash the dress by hand, using soap and cool water or wash it in the washing machine, choosing a gentle cycle regime, it is your call. If your dress is white or light coloured it is important to note that, unless you feel like experimenting and changing the colour, do not wash it together with other darker toned or dark coloured linen dresses.

2. How to dry?

If you do have a drying machine you can, by all means, use it for your linen dress. When drying your dress, make sure that you choose low temperatures. If you want to achieve that crisp and fresh effect, remove the dress from the drying machine whilst it is still a little moist and let it finish to dry naturally. There goes, without a saying, that your linen dress can also dry excellently in your backyard or balcony, If you have one, just wait for the sunny weather!

How to take care of a linen dress

3. How to iron?

With all honesty, linen material looks lovely even without ironing it so your gorgeous dress will flow naturally no matter what. And leaving it as it is also saves time! However, If you are not a fan of any kind of wrinkling and rumpling, you can iron your linen dress using a medium-hot iron with steam. Steaming the dress will help to make the linen material look neat. You can use a small spray bottle full of water instead of steaming If your iron does not have that quality. Find more suggestions on how to iron linen and how to get wrinkles out of linen without ironing.

4. How to wear it and store it?

How to take care of a linen dress

Naturally, over the course of the day when you are wearing your linen dress, it will wrinkle a bit, depending on your movements. If you want to wash and iron the dress less and with bigger intervals in between, you should try certain methods. Firstly, you can use that same spray bottle with water that you used for ironing the dress and just use it to spray on your dress a little to refresh the material and prevent more wrinkles. The linen dries quickly, especially if it is sunny and warm. Secondly, keep your dress hung in a closet or somewhere cool and dry so that you can just take it out and go!

These are some advises on how to care for that perfect linen dress you own! Feel beautiful and carefree wrapped in a magical material like linen, perfection for summer!

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