How to Iron Wool: Step by Step Instructions

How to Iron Wool: Step by Step Instructions

Can You Iron Wool?

Of course, wool can be ironed, but before you start, you should check the temperature or setting dial on your iron. A good iron will have a wool option where you may adjust the temperature specifically for ironing wool clothing.

To effectively remove wrinkles from clothing, a steam iron is preferable because of its ability to relax the fabric fibers. In such cases, have a spray bottle of water nearby, and use it to dampen the creases softly in case you don't have that feature.

What Setting on Iron is for Wool?

Wool setting on iron is very crucial. The ideal wool iron temperature is between "cold" (about 300°F) and "warm" (about 148°C).

Always test the iron on the lowest heat setting first if you need help determining what to expect. You have some leeway in terms of temperature control.

To achieve full steam from your iron, you should increase the heat if necessary. Keep the soleplate away from the clothing at all costs. Run the iron in a parallel motion, releasing steam to relax the fibers. Next, smooth the cloth with your palm, being mindful not to alter the Garment's original form.

What Setting on Iron is for Wool?

How to Iron Wool

The best ways to iron a wool: you only need to get your steam iron ready and follow the procedures outlined in this article.

1. Read the care instructions for the garment

Reading the care label before ironing wool is a must. Before you start ironing a wool garment, check the label on the wool garment to see if there are any particular ironing instructions still there. There may be specific ironing instructions for your item. For instance, they may require a setting that allows only a low heat setting to be applied.

Items that cannot be ironed can be steamed or sprayed with hot water and rubbed to remove creases.

2. Ensure that wool is damp

Ensure the wool is damp or your iron has water in the tank before you start ironing so you can use the mist spray or steam. To eliminate wrinkles from a dried wool item, you will need more heat settings, which may shrink the fibres and leave a shiny residue.

3. Iron the garment inside out

An iron's heat often damages wool; therefore, always iron the fabric inside out. If it gets too hot, you won't be able to tell because the marks will be invisible once you put them on.

4. Make use of a pressing cloth

A cotton dish towel or pillow case can be a pressing, ironing cloth. This protects the iron wool from the soleplate's extreme heat. Pressing cloths made of mesh can also be utilized, and their see-through design is a bonus. However, avoid large strokes and circular motions as possible but do not apply heavy pressure.

5. Set the wool item down flat

Because it stretches so quickly, wool shouldn't be ironed on an ironing board. If you want to steam iron a jersey, lay it flat on a mattress and smooth out as many creases as possible.

If iron falls on you or a loved one, it may cause severe burns. Wait to start pressing clothes until you've confirmed that your ironing board is stable.

6. Press instead of ironing

When ironing wool, it's best to push down on wrinkled areas rather than steaming them because wool stretches when wet and warm. Lift the iron and move it to a new location, adding steam each time. When using a steam iron, avoid using broad, sweeping motions.

If you iron the garment carefully, you can keep it from stretching out of proportion and losing its natural shape.

Steps above explain how to iron wool garments. Following it you’ll get the best results. But there is a common question: how to iron a wool suit. We prepared simple instructions to follow.

How to Iron a Wool Suit

Ironing a wool suit requires extra caution to prevent the fabric from being ruined. Following a simple yet thorough technique, you may effectively iron your wool suit without causing any damage.

- Check to see that the wool setting on iron is selected.

- Prepare the iron for steam by heating it. As a protein-based fabric, wool is often damaged by high temperatures, making steam ironing a must.

- It would help if you only ironed the inside of your suit. Because of this, there won't be any reflective surfaces.

  • When ironing the suit, use a pressing cloth for added protection. You can use a handkerchief or a piece of cotton cloth as a pressing cloth and iron it over the wool suit.

What Not to Do When Ironing Wool Clothes

The following are some things you should not attempt to do when ironing your wool clothes:

- Wait to press too hard, or the sweater's surface will become shiny.

- Do not keep the iron stationary on the fabric, as this can cause scorching.

- Spray starch and fabric softeners/conditioners should be avoided, as they can leave behind deposits on your sweater.

- If the clothing has a care claim label sewn in, and it says "Do not iron," you should not iron it.


Ironing wool is a very critical activity. One needs to be very observant and observe the laid down steps to ensure a more incredible experience. However, by following our guidelines, you are assured that ironing wool clothes have been made easy.

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