40 Christmas Gifts for Women - Top Gift Ideas 2023

40 Christmas Gifts for Women - Top Gift Ideas 2023

How to choose perfect Christmas gift for her

Always remember that gift is about a receiver, so think about what they like the most. Are they very passionate fashion lovers? Maybe their true passion is fragrance and they would love to get a new perfume or maybe new house smell? Or maybe they love new experiences? Whatever you will choose, they will appreciate the fact that you thought about them and took your time to find something special for them. We made you a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for women so your Christmas shopping would go smooth and easy!

40 Christmas gift ideas for her

Want to surprise your loved one with a unique gift? Here are 40 women's Christmas gifts ideas to make their day special.

1. Linen scrunchies

For those who have medium or long hair, a hair tie is a huge help when it is needed to tie your hair. Scrunchies look more stylish than a simple black hair tie. You can choose from many different styles and colours. The best thing is that linen scrunchies will last forever, because they're made from a natural material. This is a very useful Christmas gift for her if she likes to tie their hair often!

2. Hair accessories

We discussed linen scrunchies already, but there are a lot more different options for hair accessories! It might seem easy at first, because you can choose from a variety of products - scrunchies, simple headband, pearl headband, braided headband, hair clips, etc. but you have to find something which the gift receiver likes the most. Think about it, have you ever seen her wearing a headband? If the answer is yes, get her one! Think about what style she would like and here you go - you have a useful and cute Christmas gift for your loved one!

Hair accessories

3. Jewellery

“Jewellery Has the Power to Make You Feel Unique.” So why not surprise your loved one with such a unique and thoughtful gift? It’s not supposed to be diamonds, but fine jewellery pieces made with gold, platinum or silver and added some precious stones that is definitely a gift which would stay forever. There’s a lot of different kinds of jewellery, so think about the person which you are giving it to, about her taste - does she like simple and subtle earrings, rings or maybe she would like to have a chunky bracelet and necklace, this would be a perfect Christmas gift for her.


4. Wool scarf

Useful gifts are always the best. Get her a natural wool hat and scarf set which will keep her warm and cozy all winter long. It’s not only easy to style it with different outfits, but also very warm and durable, because it’s made from a natural material.

5. Wool sweater

When you’re thinking about the best Christmas gifts for women, a good quality sweater should be your choice - it will keep her warm and cozy all winter. Think about what kind of sweater she would love to wear. Is it something very simple or maybe she loves asymmetrical sweaters which make her create a more interesting and stylish look?

Cozy wool sweaters also have a lot of benefits - they not only keep you warm, but also are very breathable, so you won’t get too warm with it.

6. Dress

Good quality dress is definitely a must in every woman's wardrobe! Think about what kind of dress your mother or girlfriend would love to have - is it something more classy? Trendy? Comfortable, but chic? Or maybe they've been talking about that one dress for ages! Surprise them with such a Christmas gift and show that you’re listening to them and paying attention to little details.

7. Yoga clothing

For those who are really passionate about yoga, comfortable apparel is a must. Yoga clothing should let her move freely, so she can focus on her movement and not clothes. LeMuse offers a range of yoga outfits for different types of women: you can find more fitted tops and leggings if that is what she prefers or something loose fit, but still very comfortable. So think what your loved one likes the most and surprise her with a lovely and thoughtful Christmas gift!

8. Perfume

When it comes to fragrance, it’s very important to know what the person you are getting it for likes. Maybe you know a perfume which they were dreaming about for a long time but couldn’t get it? Or maybe you know what their favourite fragrance is. If not, think about what they like, what smells do they like and try to find something that you think they would enjoy. If that’s too difficult, but you know how much they would appreciate this gift, get a gift coupon from their favourite perfume store!


9. Linen scarf

It is a perfect choice for those who love little details and scarfs. The great thing about this scarf is that it is made from natural material which means that it will last for many years. You can choose from many different colours and patterns. It can be a cute little detail to her outfit and a sweet Christmas gift!

10. Beauty products

Give a thoughtful and useful gift. Beauty products are girls' best friends and it’s a perfect gift because it’s something that’s always needed. If you know your girl's favourite skincare products or brand preference, that’s great because you can just find her products to replace with new ones! As beauty products are not so cheap, she’ll be happy about this useful Christmas gift!

Beauty products

11. Books

Do you have a book lover around you? Try to find out who is her favourite book author or what she would like to read next! To make it even more special, find out what her favourite book is and try to get her a first edition of that book. You can’t even imagine how excited she would be! This would be a very unique Christmas gift for sure!


12. Candles

Scented candles? Home fragrance? Absolutely yes! It not only makes our house smell beautiful, but it is also an amazing decor detail and a perfect gift! So think about their favourite scents or maybe they are in love with a specific brand! There’s a huge variety of scents and designs, so you can find a perfect one for everyone which matches their home style, personality and taste.


13. SPA goods

Everybody needs to relax, but you don’t have to book a SPA weekend, you can create your own SPA which will be one of the most romantic Christmas gifts for her. Treat your love with a massage, buy some bath products which she likes, prepare her an amazing bath where she could relax. Spoil her with a glass of her favourite wine and enjoy your evening together.

SPA goods

14. Bath robe

Having a bath robe is a must! Choosing a linen robe has a lot of benefits, one of them is that it's a great choice for those who have sensitive skin. It also keeps you warm, cozy and comfortable, so you can wear it around the house all day long or on slow mornings when you have time for yourself and a cup of coffee.

15. Wine tasting

A good bottle of wine is a great choice for almost every occasion! For Christmas you can surprise your special one with a wine tasting tour. It will be a very interesting experience if the person is actually interested in wine and wants to learn more about its different tastes, etc. You can take her to a local wine tasting experience or maybe organise a wine tasting trip to a vineyard in France or Italy to experience the whole process of making wine! This would definitely be a gift which she would never forget!

Wine tasting

16. Luxury bag

Designer handbags are great gifts for fashion lovers. You can find trendy looks or something more classy, but at least you can be sure that designer bags will last forever. Also, high end brands like Gucci, Chanel, Dior, etc. handbags retain their value, so it can be quite a special christmas gift.

Luxury bag

17. Linen pyjamas

A good night's sleep is very important for everyone. How to make your sleep quality even better? Comfortable sleepwear is a must! Linen pyjamas are a great choice, because they're soft and comfortable and your body will feel rejuvenated wearing this natural linen sleepwear, because it's very durable and breathable. Also, linen is a great choice for those who have sensitive skin. So if your loved one cares about good quality sleep - you know what would be a great Christmas gift for her!

18. Jewellery box

We discussed the importance of fine jewellery for everyone, but it’s very important to have a place where to keep it and organise it also, especially if you have a quite big collection of jewellery, so a jewellery box sounds like a perfect gift.

There are a lot of different styles of jewellery boxes, so think about what a gift receiver likes more - does she prefer simple things or something a bit more extravagant. Keep in mind that if the girl loves to travel, a smaller size box is probably a better option, cause she can just take it with her everywhere she goes! It will definitely become one of her favourite things.

Jewellery box

19. Tea or coffee set

A lot of us love to drink tea or coffee, but we often buy it at the coffee shop. Why not make it at home? Surprise your special person with a coffee set, for example buy her a coffee machine, her favourite coffee beans and a cute cup for her early morning coffee. If she is more of a tea drinker, get her a collection of her favourite tea and a tea drinking set. It will be a great Christmas gift - very thoughtful and cute.

Tea set

20. Art set

For those who love painting or drawing, an art set would be a great gift! It’s important to find things they actually need and like. For example, maybe they use only a specific brand of pencils because of its features, etc., so try to find the right things, so this gift would feel more special. Remember, gifts are always about the receiver.

Art set

21. Customised planner

In this busy world it’s sometimes difficult not to get lost between all the things that you have to do. So to write everything down and make a list is a must! A customised planner would make your busy bee’s life much easier! You can find great customised planners on Etsy, plenty of different styles, made personally for the customer. You can also create a planner with initials on front of the notebook which would make it even more personal!

Customised planner

22. Specific skills classes

Maybe your beloved wife, sister or mother wanted to learn something new, but didn’t have courage to do it? To take art, cooking, snowboarding, dancing, swimming classes, etc. to improve their skills and learn something new? Show that you care about their interests, book a course and surprise them this Christmas with the gift they do not expect!

Dance classes

23. Instant camera

She loves to take pictures and look at them from time to time, because it brings her great memories? Surprise her with an instant camera! Instant cameras are extremely fun to use and it gives you extra excitement while you are waiting for the picture!

Instant camera

24. Linen tote bag

Your girlfriend loves tote bags? Who doesn’t! It's a very useful thing these days, you can carry all your stuff with you, plus it’s a sustainable choice, if you choose a bag which is made from a natural material like linen, because it will last forever and you’ll never get bored of it! This will be a great gift for a girl who has to carry a lot of things with her! If you think that a linen tote bag might not be enough, fill it with her favourite sweets or other goods!

25. Weekend away

Woman you want to surprise loves to travel? Well, who doesn’t! Surprise her with a trip to the place she always wanted to go. Maybe she was dreaming of having dinner at one of the Shard’s restaurants in London? Or she wanted to visit Paris and see the Eiffel tower at night. Think what would make her feel special and get a romantic getaway together!

Weekend away

26. Luxury basket

Luxury baskets are always a great idea. Who doesn’t like it? Depending on what your budget is, you can create a wonderful basket! Add some good quality champagne, a few different types of cheese, box of chocolate, cookies, other goods. Of course don’t forget to add some favourite things of the person who you are giving it to!

Luxury basket

27. Experiences

Creating memories is the best gift. Think about what your mother, girlfriend, wife or sister would love to experience? Maybe they would love to try karting? A round of paintball? Or maybe they would love to experience something more peaceful, like a SPA weekend, massage or aromatherapy? Think about what they would like the most and surprise them with a perfect Christmas gift.


28. Backpack

If you would think about the top christmas gifts for women - backpack would be definitely on the list! We all are busy and usually have to carry a lot with us daily - laptop, water bottle, lunch box, papers, etc. so to have a comfortable backpack is a must. If it’s stylish and practical it is even better! There are a lot of different choices from brands like Nike to Rains, so you just need to figure out what kind of style she would prefer!


29. Tickets to concert

If your loved one is a music lover and you know who’s her favourite band or artist, don’t wait and try to find tickets to listen to them live! This kind of gift creates memories which can last a lifetime. Just keep in mind that popular band’s concert tickets are selling out quickly, so if you decide to buy a ticket to see them - check it in advance!

Concert tickets

30. Linen clothes

If you want to give nice clothing to those who love sustainability and care about the environment, natural materials like linen are a great choice! Although she might not wear it straight away (unless you’re celebrating Christmas in Australia), she will appreciate the thought and your understanding of what is important for her. Linen clothing has a lot of benefits, plus it’s made from natural materials, so it might last forever. Find a design which might not look that trendy, but a bit classy, so she can wear it for as long as she can.

31. Tote bag

Tote bag is essential these days: carry your stuff around, get groceries, well, you can use it for basically everything! But the most important thing is to get a durable bag, which would have enough space for all the things and would be comfortable to carry. It would be a very useful gift for anyone. To make it more personal, you can customise it, for example add initials or some kind of drawings which reflects the person, who you are giving this gift to.

32. Novelty

There are a lot of popular Christmas gifts for women and novelty gifts are definitely one of them. It’s a great choice for those who don’t take Christmas gifts very seriously and love to have a laugh! From funny socks to personalised cups, key chains, etc. you can definitely find something which will make your loved one smile!

Novelty gifts

33. Photoshoot

Did your mother say that she would love to have a family photoshoot, but never had time to actually do it? Surprise her! Get everyone together, invite a photographer (maybe your mum even knows who should do it) and make your mum's wish come true! Not only will your mum be happy, but all of you will have a great time together! What could be a better gift than memories!


34. Sportswear

Your girl is a gym lover? Get her some sportswear clothing! Maybe it's time to change her old runners to the new ones or she needs a warmer jacket and gloves for running outside. Think about her needs, find her favourite brand and get her a useful Christmas gift which she’ll be happy with!

35. Homemade goods

If your love appreciates homemade things - surprise her! Make her cookies, cake or her favourite sweets. If you have skills (or feel like you want to try), make her favourite berries jam.

You can also try to make candles or soap (for sure it will be a great experience!).

Whatever you’ll choose, remember that gifts which are made with love are even more appreciated, because you not only thought about what they would like, but also gave your time to make it!

Homemade cookies

Last minute Christmas gifts ideas for her

If you don’t have enough time to search, don’t know what to get or gifts won’t reach you on time, don’t worry, here are some last minute Christmas gifts ideas for her.

36. E-gift card for their favourite brand

If you know her favourite clothing brand, but you are not sure what to get her or what size you should get, don’t worry. Gift cards are a great Christmas gift idea! You’ll make her feel special, just because you thought about it, also she could choose anything she wants. So what can be a better gift?

37. Tickets to cinema

Your love is a cinema lover? Get her a yearly subscription or buy a ticket to the movie she wants to see. If you want to make this experience even better, find an old cinema, where they show the best movies of all time. Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy a movie night with her! It will be a very cozy Christmas memory.

Tickets to cinema

38. Gift card for their favourite food place

Yes, we girls often can’t decide what we want to eat, but hey, a gift card from our favourite food place or local food delivery company voucher would be a very thoughtful gift! It would save some time, instead of deciding where to go or what to order.

Delivery company voucher

39. Dinner at the restaurant

Surprise her with great food and even better company! Quality time with your loved ones is the most important thing, especially during Christmas, let them feel loved and needed. Take your fiance to her favourite place, or maybe the place you first met! It would bring amazing memories! Or take her to the place where she always wanted to go. She’ll appreciate it!

Dinner at the restaurant

40. Favourite magazine subscription

There are plenty of different magazines, everyone can find their favourite topic - architecture, history, fashion, science, etc. So if the woman you want to surprise loves to read - get her a monthly subscription! It will be a great Christmas gift idea!

Magazine subscribtion

You can find more LeMuse gifts for her to make this Christmas special!

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