Best Summer Fabrics for Hot Weather

Best Summer Fabrics for Hot Weather

What Fabrics Are The Best For Summer?

For warm summer days it is better to choose materials which are more breathable, lightweight, durable and soft against the skin. That will make you feel more comfortable and you won't stress about the heat so much. Not sure which fabric would be the best choice? Don’t worry, here’s the list of summer fabrics that will keep you cool in summer.


Linen is a natural fabric, which means that it is breathable and cool to the touch. It can be made in different weights, from lightest to heaviest. Clothes made from linen are a perfect choice.

Where to wear it?

Linen is often known as your best option when you want to create a casual look but still want something breathable and cool to wear during hot weather. Linen in summer is an amazing choice for your skin. It allows air to circulate through your body to keep it cool and lock humidity. You can wear linen clothing anywhere you want: romantic linen dress will look great if you are going for a walk or going on a date, etc. You can also create a more classy look by wearing long wide linen pants and a blazer. This outfit will be great if you have to go to the office or business lunch during a very hot day.

What's The Benefit?

Linen is durable and comfortable but not too heavy or stiff. Because of these qualities, linen has been used for years for clothing and other items intended for summer use.


Cotton is a natural fibre, which means it's soft and breathable. It's also durable and comfortable, making it a great choice for summer fabrics like shirts, pants, dresses and more. Natural clothing is so important for summer time.

Where to wear it?

Cotton is versatile enough to be used any season of the year but will shine in the warmer months to keep body temperature balanced. Cotton clothing is a better choice for your leisure time, because it usually looks more casual than other materials clothing. It can be a great choice for your sportswear. You can also find a good quality white cotton t-shirt which will be a good option to wear under your blazer if you want to create a smart casual look.

What's The Benefit?

It can be mixed with many different materials to make designer pieces that will keep you cool in the heat while still looking good at work or out on the town.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber made up of polymers, essentially long chains of molecules.

Where to wear it?

Polyester clothing comes in many styles, from casual T-shirts to dressy suits and gowns. Polyester is also frequently chosen for uniforms because of its durability and low cost compared to other materials like wool or cotton. It's the most common option for activewear. So you can wear polyester clothing when you’re going to the gym, for a run or just want to be comfortable at home.

What's The Benefit?

Polyester fabrics are known for their durability and wrinkle resistance, making them great for travel.

Polyester fabric


Silk is a natural fiber that can be woven into lightweight, breathable fabrics. It is also one of the most expensive fabrics on the market, so it has a different price range per yard depending on the quality and where you buy it.

Where to wear it?

Silk has a nice sheen that makes it suitable for formal occasions such as black tie affairs or cocktail parties where you want to look your best but not overdressed.

What's The Benefit?

Silk is known for its soft texture and wrinkle resistance, but it can also be dyed in many colors, so you can choose a color that matches your style.


Rayon is a cellulose fiber that is made from wood pulp or cotton. It is a synthetic fiber, but it feels soft and lightweight, like cotton and is ideal summer fabric.

Where to wear it?

Rayon has a sheen and feels cool against the skin in summer. This makes rayon ideal for light garments, especially summer dresses and tops. Rayon also has easy-care properties that make it great for everyday wear to feel chill.

What's The Benefit?

You can wash your rayon clothing in warm water without special care instructions like tumble drying or ironing after washing; all you have to do is hang them up to dry!

Rayon fabric


Denim and chambray are two of the most popular summer fabrics. Denim is a sturdy cotton twill fabric that has been indigo-dyed. It can be used for jeans, jackets and shirts.

Chambray is also made with cotton thread but isn't dyed; it's colored with a base color along with some white threads that create a subtle checkered pattern on the surface of your garment after the weaving/knitting process has been completed.

Where to wear it?

Denim is a great choice for those who are looking for something more casual. There's a variety of denim clothing, you can choose from jeans to denim jackets and denim dresses. Denim clothes would be the best option for your everyday life and informal events, etc.

What's The Benefit?

Denim is a versatile fabric. You can match your pair of jeans with basically everything - white t-shirt and a blazer to create a bit more classy look or wear a hoodie with a jeans if you want to look more casual, etc. So you can create a lot of different outfits even if you have only one pair of jeans.


Poplin is a cotton fabric with a plain weave and is made from the same yarns used to make ticking to keep away dry heat.

Where to wear it?

Poplin is a great fabric for shirts, dresses, blouses and skirts. It is not too heavy, but not too light either. There are a lot of different styles of poplin shirts and dresses, so you can wear them for different occasions. Just keep in mind that it is a bit more casual choice, so don’t go to a fancy dinner wearing a poplin dress. Poplin clothing would be the best option for your everyday life, like going out during the day, going to the office, having lunch with friends, etc.

What's The Benefit?

A classic, versatile fabric, poplin is a drapey and crisp cotton fabric that works well in both casual and dressy outfits.

Poplin fabric


It is a sheer fabric made of silk or synthetic fibers, such as polyester. It can be lightweight and airy, but it is also see-through so wear it cautiously!

Where to wear it?

Chiffon is great for summer dresses, tops and blouses because it naturally allows air to flow through the garment during hot summer months.

What's The Benefit?

It's a versatile material that can be utilized in various ways, including making lovely scarves, serving as fabric for a dress or top, and creating curtains if you're feeling very daring!


Nylon is a synthetic fabric that comes in many different forms. This synthetic fiber has excellent stretching capabilities and is used in bike shorts, seamless pantyhose, leotards and sports bras.

Where to wear it?

Nylon fabrics are suitable for almost all seasons and climates. They are light, breathable and have good ventilation properties; they are also elastic and resistant to abrasion.Nylon is considered as outdoor fabric, so it’s the best option if you want to go outside. You can take a light nylon jacket if you go somewhere during the summer evening and you know it might get a bit chilly later on, so a jacket will make you warm (for example if you will have dinner on a terrace or rooftop).

What's The Benefit?

These fibers are extremely fine threads used to weave fabric that can withstand high heat without breaking down. They're found in items like tents, raincoats, jackets and pants.


Micromodal is a natural fabric that's been made from modal yarns. Micromodal has the same properties as modal, but it's stronger and more durable due to the multiple fibres used in its construction.

Where to wear it?

Micro modal fabrics are ideal for babies and children because they are highly absorbent and comfortable to wear.

What's The Benefit?

The benefits of micro modal are that it dries quickly and retains its shape, is soft and comfortable to wear (like cotton), and has great stretchability.

Modal white t-shirt


Georgette is a lightweight, sheer fabric made of silk. It has a smooth surface and a crisp feel.

Where to wear it?

Georgette is often used in weddings and other formal wear, but the fabric is also popular for summer clothing like dresses, skirts, blouses and tops.

What's The Benefit?

Micro modal is a very soft, fine yarn made from a blend of modal and microfiber. It is lightweight, breathable and absorbent.

Georgette fabric

What Fabrics Are The Most Breathable?

Linen and cotton are the most breathable fabrics, that is why it is still so popular today during the warmest summer months — particularly for summer clothes. Cotton and linen breathe well because its fibers absorb moisture from sweat, allowing them to evaporate quickly into the air rather than soaking into the fabric like other materials.


Wearing your favorite textiles is ideal during the summer. The sun is out, and you can wear whatever you want without worrying.

So many different types of fabric can be worn during these months, but these 11 are some of the best options for your next wardrobe addition!

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