Beauty in Simplicity: LeMuse’s Journey to Sustainability and Perfection

Beauty in Simplicity: LeMuse’s Journey to Sustainability and Perfection

But we know that behind every brand, there’s a story. A story of someone’s love, effort, and commitment to establish a trustworthy name. I asked Lina, the founder of LeMuse, to share about her journey of embedding creativity in her brand, refining the concept, and stepping out into the business world.

How was the name LeMuse born?

I once bought an extraordinary fabric that was so precious it made me want to cut it as little as possible to preserve its beauty. So, I created a garment without cutting the textile. I loved how its silhouette kept changing with each body movement, creating different shapes, not limiting the person wearing it, and allowing a woman to be the charismatic Muse she is. So, that’s how the name was born. LeMuse stands for a Muse — it’s the essence of who you are, your personality, your charisma, and something that inspires you to live and to create. LeMuse aims to design clothing that fits each woman perfectly, so she can let go of any worries regarding her body and share the beauty of her personality with those around her.

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Perhaps it runs in the family. My grandmother used to be a fashion designer and made clothes nationwide. She worked at the only fashion showroom in Lithuania at the time and would design garment sketches for clothing manufacturers. She was extremely passionate about her career, which inspired me greatly. When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time with her. She taught me how to cut and sew garments correctly, and we often found ourselves creating pieces for myself or my dolls. Later at school, I would participate in fashion shows, presenting my collections made of various materials, such as burlap sacks, denim, etc. After graduating from university, I worked in an advertising agency and gained valuable insights into the business world. I really enjoyed growing in this field, as I see it as a synthesis of art and business. However, I slowly started feeling the desire to establish my own brand. I had been carrying the LeMuse concept in my heart for a while until I decided to act on it, and it finally became a reality. Now, it’s been over ten years of building the brand and creating carefully thought-of pieces together with my husband, who is an excellent business companion — we complement each other perfectly.

What makes LeMuse garments special?

First, the brand is deeply rooted in the Nordic mindset, so all pieces are minimalistic. I love minimalism — single, usually pastel colour fabrics with unconventional but simplistic cuts that look stunning and elegant. Moreover, I care deeply about the quality of the textile. LeMuse is a sustainable fashion brand that doesn't chase after the latest trends but creates time-tested elegant designs that never lose their charm. Also, to serve long years, the garments are produced using naturally-sourced high-quality fabrics like wool, linen, and cotton.

Finally, we offer custom fittings to our clients to ensure that each piece fits our customers perfectly. Since each garment is sewn after the order is placed, our experienced tailors are able to adjust the measurements accordingly, even shortening or lengthening certain parts if needed. LeMuse's forte lies in the core of its simplicity, intelligence, unconventional shapes, and subtle details. I want our garments to be uncomplicated and to empower women wearing them.

What kind of women choose LeMuse?

I’m over the moon to see such brilliant and charismatic women wear LeMuse clothing. They are usually knowledgeable, creative, charming, and charismatic personalities. One of the things I love about my job is being able to meet them and get to know them better.

What is the source of your inspiration?

I get inspired by a variety of things. Very often, it's the women themselves; I am fascinated by their interesting and charismatic personalities. As soon as I see one, I usually start picturing what she could be wearing and what kind of clothing would fit her best. Sometimes, a gust of inspiration comes when I find beautiful and pleasant material. Different ideas of what I could transform into start rushing into my head. Other times, unexpected details I encounter in the city, theater, or art can get me on track, ready for my new collection. I constantly observe the surrounding world and gather every tiny bit of inspiration. However, ideas might remain ideas, but it's the implementation that counts. Many things you haven't considered often pop up in the implementation process, meaning that final results may differ from the initial design. In reality, the creative process is quite long. First, we make a piece according to the preliminary sketch. Then, I wear the garment myself, trying to decide whether it's comfortable and whether it's turned out the way I wanted. If needed, I make corrections and keep improving the design until I discover its best version.

As we live in great times when the global markets are accessible, LeMuse sells most of its pieces online at Although it tends to have particular popularity among the US and Europe customers, global markets open the doors to reach everyone who admires my work, no matter the age or location, but similar style and lifestyle. We also have a physical studio in Vilnius, Lithuania, where customers can choose and try on their favorite garments. It’s also often an excellent opportunity to get to know the clients and better understand their expectations of our brand.

What would you tell those claiming sustainable fashion is not affordable for everyone?

I believe that less is more. I would rather have a few high-quality pieces made especially for me than many poor-quality items. You can buy fast fashion clothes with very low durability and short lifespan or choose timeless quality clothing. Adding only a few high-quality garments each year allows you to build a capsule wardrobe — mix and match carefully selected pieces to keep getting many different looks. In some cases, choosing sustainable, quality brands may result in spending even less than purchasing mass-production garments.

If you’re feeling adventurous and ready to discover the piece to accompany you for many years to come, visit our website at

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