Top 12 outfits for your winter celebrations

Take a look at our top 12 outfits for various winter celebrations and choose the perfect special occasion dress!

1. TUBE dress in red

You just got an invitation to a Pre-Christmas party, organized by your colleagues. Your mood is uplifted and ever so charming and you are looking forward to that evening. There is only one thing on your mind as your thoughts wander, what are you going to wear for this formal evening? One dress could be your stylish choice of all times. A dress like Tube dress in red. Tube dress could be your perfect Christmas party outfit. The pleasant and modern design guarantees you comfort and classic red colour is just meant to make you the star of the evening.

2. Red DISCO dress

Sometimes all you need is a lovely dress to impress. A red Disco dress will be there for you, whether you decide to wear it on a festive Sunday brunch or a classy winter disco! It is perfect women’s dress for special occasion. This dress is not only gorgeous but very comfortable. Rest assured knowing that you are looking your best, the style of this dress is meant to hide all imperfections so dance like nobody’s watching!

3. Red PARISIAN dress

A dress in red is a must for the wintertime celebrations. Red is the colour of love and energy. Energize yourself and everyone around you wearing Parisian dress in red. The dress is of a minimalist french style, has a pair of long sleeves and a cute detail on the neckline, a small bow. It is perfect choice for new year or Christmas party outfit. Feel vibrant anywhere you go and celebrate yourself while celebrating the winter holidays.

4. Red OPERA dress

New Year’s Eve is one of the most waited celebrations worldwide. It is only natural that looking for the perfect outfit for the evening is a significant part of the fun. Take a look at the Opera dress in red. This dress is a very feminine and sophisticated choice, it is perfect cocktail and party dress. It has open shoulders and can also be worn asymmetrically. Besides, red is a fine colour for any celebration. Start your New Year looking graceful and dazzling!

5. Red MAGIC blouse

A blouse for a Christmas party with friends is always the right option! If you have a pair of stylish pants, you could easily match them with a Magic blouse in red. This lovely blouse has long sleeves and open shoulders, making you stand out in any crowd. A truly magical and simply elegant garment.

6. Red CELEBRATION dress

It is not that easy to find a dress that is both comfortable and stunning. Christmas is a family celebration, a special occasion that gathers your loved ones in one place. You deserve to feel your most beautiful self among those that matter the most. We know a perfectly stunning Christmas party dress for you. Imagine yourself wearing the Celebration dress in red, a classy and minimalist dress for festivities. We can also custom make it as a plus size dress. This dress even has a pair of pockets! What’s not to like? It is a perfect special occasion dress!

7. KISS blouse in red

Choosing your Christmas outfit should uplift your mood and make you feel confident and radiant! Are going for a festive dress, a costume, or maybe, an elegant blouse with a skirt or a pair of pants? A red blouse Kiss is perfect for any celebration. A fashionable and gorgeous garment with long sleeves and a big accent on your back - a bow.

8. Deep blue BOW blouse

A sophisticated blouse in deep and gorgeous colour is a must for any wardrobe. Enjoy your festivities looking great and radiating uplifting elegance, wearing Bow blouse in deep blue. This blouse has a pair of long sleeves and a bow on the neckline, that can be tied however you want, including leaving your shoulders to be seen!

9. Deep blue FLOW asymmetric blouse with buttons

A blouse in deep blue Flow is created for every elegant woman. This blouse is of asymmetric design, classic deep blue colour and it has an open shouldered neckline, it makes it perfect special occasion dress. There are small buttons on the back as well. A dreamy choice for your festive winter evening!

10. FRENCH dress in deep blue

A dress of a minimal and French style might be just what you needed this wintertime! A classic silhouette, a subtle bow on a neckline, and a deep blue colour will ensure that you will feel sophisticated everywhere you go, Christmas parties included!

11. Deep blue SOFIA BOW dress

If you are looking for an elegant and classy dress for your formal New Year’s Party, look no further, because Sofia Bow dress in deep blue might be your dream come true! This is a dress of a fairly timeless design and rich colour. It also has a small accent on one of the shoulders - a small bow.

12. Red LOVE dress

This lovely and stylish dress could be that gem you were looking for! It is perfect sexy birthday party dress, or the dress for the St. Valentine’s Day! The Love dress has a big bow on the back and a pair of long sleeves. Feel cozy and beautiful wearing this design, that is meant for your comfort.

There you go, that was the list of fine garments, ready to help you shine during this season of beautiful celebrations! Be your own muse and celebrate life everywhere you go!

Check out these celebration dresses from LeMuse collection and choose a perfect dress!

40 Christmas Gifts for Women – Top Gift Ideas 2023

How to choose perfect Christmas gift for her

Always remember that gift is about a receiver, so think about what they like the most. Are they very passionate fashion lovers? Maybe their true passion is fragrance  and they would love to get a new perfume or maybe new house smell? Or maybe they love new experiences? Whatever you will choose, they will appreciate the fact that you thought about them and took your time to find something special for them. We made you a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for women so your Christmas shopping would go smooth and easy!   

40 Christmas gift ideas for her

Want to surprise your loved one with a unique gift? Here are 40 women's Christmas gifts ideas to make their day special. 

1. Linen scrunchies

For those who have medium or long hair, a hair tie is a huge help when it is needed to tie your hair. Scrunchies look more stylish than a simple black hair tie. You can choose from many different styles and colours. The best thing is that linen scrunchies will last forever, because they're made from a natural material. This is a very useful Christmas gift for her if she likes to tie their hair often!

2. Hair accessories

We discussed linen scrunchies already, but there are a lot more different options for hair accessories! It might seem easy at first, because you can choose from a variety of products - scrunchies, simple headband, pearl headband, braided headband, hair clips, etc. but you have to find something which the gift receiver likes the most. Think about it, have you ever seen her wearing a headband? If the answer is yes, get her one! Think about what style she would like and here you go - you have a useful and cute Christmas gift for your loved one!

Hair accessories

3. Jewellery 

“Jewellery Has the Power to Make You Feel Unique.” So why not surprise your loved one with such a unique and thoughtful gift? It’s not supposed to be diamonds, but fine jewellery pieces made with gold, platinum or silver and added some precious stones that is definitely a gift which would stay forever. There’s a lot of different kinds of jewellery, so think about the person which you are giving it to, about her taste - does she like simple and subtle earrings,  rings or maybe she would like to have a chunky bracelet and necklace, this would be a perfect Christmas gift for her.


4. Wool scarf

Useful gifts are always the best. Get her a natural wool hat and scarf set which will keep her warm and cozy all winter long. It’s not only easy to style it with different outfits, but also very warm and durable, because it’s made from a natural material.

5. Wool sweater

When you’re thinking about the best Christmas gifts for women, a good quality sweater should be your choice - it will keep her warm and cozy all winter. Think about what kind of sweater she would love to wear. Is it something very simple or maybe she loves asymmetrical sweaters which make her create a more interesting and stylish look?

Cozy wool sweaters also have a lot of benefits - they not only keep you warm, but also are very breathable, so you won’t get too warm with it.

6. Dress

Good quality dress is definitely a must in every woman's wardrobe! Think about what kind of dress your mother or girlfriend would love to have - is it something more classy? Trendy? Comfortable, but chic? Or maybe they've been talking about that one dress for ages! Surprise them with such a Christmas gift and show that you’re listening to them and paying attention to little details.

7. Yoga clothing

For those who are really passionate about yoga, comfortable apparel is a must. Yoga clothing should let her move freely, so she can focus on her movement and not clothes. LeMuse offers a range of yoga outfits for different types of women: you can find more fitted tops and leggings if that is what she prefers or something loose fit, but still very comfortable. So think what your loved one likes the most and surprise her with a lovely and thoughtful Christmas gift!

8. Perfume 

When it comes to fragrance, it’s very important to know what the person you are getting it for likes. Maybe you know a perfume which they were dreaming about for a long time but couldn’t get it? Or maybe you know what their favourite fragrance is. If not, think about what they like, what smells do they like and try to find something that you think they would enjoy. If that’s too difficult, but you know how much they would appreciate this gift, get a gift coupon from their favourite perfume store!


9. Linen scarf

It is a perfect choice for those who love little details and scarfs. The great thing about this scarf is that it is made from natural material which means that it will last for many years. You can choose from many different colours and patterns. It can be a cute little detail to her outfit and a sweet Christmas gift!

10. Beauty products

Give a thoughtful and useful gift. Beauty products are girls' best friends and it’s a perfect gift because it’s something that’s always needed. If you know your girl's favourite skincare products or brand preference, that’s great because you can just find her products to replace with new ones! As beauty products are not so cheap, she’ll be happy about this useful Christmas gift!

Beauty products

11. Books

Do you have a book lover around you? Try to find out who is her favourite book author or what she would like to read next! To make it even more special, find out what her favourite book is and try to get her a first edition of that book. You can’t even imagine how excited she would be! This would be a very unique Christmas gift for sure!


12. Candles

Scented candles? Home fragrance? Absolutely yes! It not only makes our house smell beautiful, but it is also an amazing decor detail and a perfect gift! So think about their favourite scents or maybe they are in love with a specific brand! There’s a huge variety of scents and designs, so you can find a perfect one for everyone which matches their home style, personality and taste.


13. SPA goods

Everybody needs to relax, but you don’t have to book a SPA weekend, you can create your own SPA which will be one of the most romantic Christmas gifts for her. Treat your love with a massage, buy some bath products which she likes, prepare her an amazing bath where she could relax. Spoil her with a glass of her favourite wine and enjoy your evening together.

SPA goods

14. Bath robe

Having a bath robe is a must! Choosing a linen robe has a lot of benefits, one of them is that it's a great choice for those who have sensitive skin. It also keeps you warm, cozy and comfortable, so you can wear it around the house all day long or on slow mornings when you have time for yourself and a cup of coffee.

15. Wine tasting

A good bottle of wine is a great choice for almost every occasion! For Christmas you can surprise your special one with a wine tasting tour. It will be a very interesting experience if the person is actually interested in wine and wants to learn more about its different tastes, etc. You can take her to a local wine tasting experience or maybe organise a wine tasting trip to a vineyard in France or Italy to experience the whole process of making wine! This would definitely be a gift which she would never forget!

Wine tasting

16. Luxury bag

Designer handbags are great gifts for fashion lovers. You can find trendy looks or something more classy, but at least you can be sure that designer bags will last forever. Also, high end brands like Gucci, Chanel, Dior, etc. handbags retain their value, so it can be quite a special christmas gift.

Luxury bag

17. Linen pyjamas

A good night's sleep is very important for everyone. How to make your sleep quality even better? Comfortable sleepwear is a must! Linen pyjamas are a great choice, because they're soft and comfortable and your body will feel rejuvenated wearing this natural linen sleepwear, because it's very durable and breathable. Also, linen is a great choice for those who have sensitive skin. So if your loved one cares about good quality sleep - you know what would be a great Christmas gift for her!

18. Jewellery box

We discussed the importance of fine jewellery for everyone, but it’s very important to have a place where to keep it and organise it also, especially if you have a quite big collection of jewellery, so a jewellery box sounds like a perfect gift. 

There are a lot of different styles of jewellery boxes, so think about what a gift receiver likes more - does she prefer simple things or something a bit more extravagant. Keep in mind that if the girl loves to travel, a smaller size box is probably a better option, cause she can just take it with her everywhere she goes! It will definitely become one of her favourite things.

Jewellery box

19. Tea or coffee set

A lot of us love to drink tea or coffee, but we often buy it at the coffee shop. Why not make it at home? Surprise your special person with a coffee set, for example buy her a coffee machine, her favourite coffee beans and a cute cup for her early morning coffee. If she is more of a tea drinker, get her a collection of her favourite tea and a tea drinking set. It will be a great Christmas gift - very thoughtful and cute.

Tea set

20. Art set

For those who love painting or drawing, an art set would be a great gift! It’s important to find things they actually need and like. For example, maybe they use only a specific brand of pencils because of its features, etc., so try to find the right things, so this gift would feel more special. Remember, gifts are always about the receiver.

Art set

21. Customised planner

In this busy world it’s sometimes difficult not to get lost between all the things that you have to do. So to write everything down and make a list is a must! A customised planner would make your busy bee’s life much easier! You can find great customised planners on Etsy, plenty of different styles, made personally for the customer. You can also create a planner with initials on front of the notebook which would make it even more personal!

Customised planner

22. Specific skills classes

Maybe your beloved wife, sister or mother wanted to learn something new, but didn’t have courage to do it? To take art, cooking, snowboarding, dancing, swimming classes, etc. to improve their skills and learn something new? Show that you care about their interests, book a course and surprise them this Christmas with the gift they do not expect!

Dance classes

23. Instant camera 

She loves to take pictures and look at them from time to time, because it brings her great memories? Surprise her with an instant camera! Instant cameras are extremely fun to use and it gives you extra excitement while you are waiting for the picture!

Instant camera

24. Linen tote bag

Your girlfriend loves tote bags? Who doesn’t! It's a very useful thing these days, you can carry all your stuff with you, plus it’s a sustainable choice, if you choose a bag which is made from a natural material like linen, because it will last forever and you’ll never get bored of it! This will be a great gift for a girl who has to carry a lot of things with her! If you think that a linen tote bag might not be enough, fill it with her favourite sweets or other goods!

25. Weekend away

Woman you want to surprise loves to travel? Well, who doesn’t! Surprise her with a trip to the place she always wanted to go. Maybe she was dreaming of having dinner at one of the Shard’s restaurants in London? Or she wanted to visit Paris and see the Eiffel tower at night. Think what would make her feel special and get a romantic getaway together!

Weekend away

26. Luxury basket

Luxury baskets are always a great idea. Who doesn’t like it? Depending on what your budget is, you can create a wonderful basket! Add some good quality champagne, a few different types of cheese, box of chocolate, cookies, other goods. Of course don’t forget to add some favourite things of the person who you are giving it to!

Luxury basket

27. Experiences

Creating memories is the best gift. Think about what your mother, girlfriend, wife or sister would love to experience? Maybe they would love to try karting? A round of paintball? Or maybe they would love to experience something more peaceful, like a SPA weekend, massage or aromatherapy? Think about what they would like the most and surprise them with a perfect Christmas gift.


28. Backpack

If you would think about the top christmas gifts for women - backpack would be definitely on the list! We all are busy and usually have to carry a lot with us daily - laptop, water bottle, lunch box, papers, etc. so to have a comfortable backpack is a must. If it’s stylish and practical it is even better! There are a lot of different choices from brands like Nike to Rains, so you just need to figure out what kind of style she would prefer!


29. Tickets to concert

If your loved one is a music lover and you know who’s her favourite band or artist, don’t wait and try to find tickets to listen to them live! This kind of gift creates memories which can last a lifetime. Just keep in mind that popular band’s concert tickets are selling out quickly, so if you decide to buy a ticket to see them - check it in advance!

Concert tickets

30. Linen clothes

If you want to give nice clothing to those who love sustainability and care about the environment, natural materials like linen are a great choice! Although she might not wear it straight away (unless you’re celebrating Christmas in Australia), she will appreciate  the thought and your understanding of what is important for her. Linen clothing has a lot of benefits, plus it’s made from natural materials, so it might last forever. Find a design which might not look that trendy, but a bit classy, so she can wear it for as long as she can.

31. Tote bag

Tote bag is essential these days: carry your stuff around, get groceries, well, you can use it for basically everything! But the most important thing is to get a durable bag, which would have enough space for all the things and would be comfortable to carry. It would be a very useful gift for anyone. To make it more personal, you can customise it, for example add initials or some kind of drawings which reflects the person, who you are giving this gift to.

32. Novelty

There are a lot of popular Christmas gifts for women and novelty gifts are definitely one of them. It’s a great choice for those who don’t take Christmas gifts very seriously and love to have a laugh! From funny socks to personalised cups, key chains, etc. you can definitely find something which will make your loved one smile!

Novelty gifts

33. Photoshoot

Did your mother say that she would love to have a family photoshoot, but never had time to actually do it? Surprise her! Get everyone together, invite a photographer (maybe your mum even knows who should do it) and make your mum's wish come true! Not only will your mum be happy, but all of you will have a great time together! What could be a better gift than memories!


34. Sportswear 

Your girl is a gym lover? Get her some sportswear clothing! Maybe it's time to change her old runners to the new ones or she needs a warmer jacket and gloves for running outside. Think about her needs, find her favourite brand and get her a useful Christmas gift which she’ll be happy with!

35. Homemade goods

If your love appreciates homemade things - surprise her! Make her cookies, cake or her favourite sweets. If you have skills (or feel like you want to try), make her favourite berries jam. 

You can also try to make candles or soap (for sure it will be a great experience!). 

Whatever you’ll choose, remember that gifts which are made with love are even more appreciated, because you not only thought about what they would like, but also gave your time to make it!

Homemade cookies

Last minute Christmas gifts ideas for her

If you don’t have enough time to search, don’t know what to get or gifts won’t reach you on time, don’t worry, here are some last minute Christmas gifts ideas for her.

36. E-gift card for their favourite brand

If you know her favourite clothing brand, but you are not sure what to get her or what size you should get, don’t worry. Gift cards are a great Christmas gift idea! You’ll make her feel special, just because you thought about it, also she could choose anything she wants. So what can be a better gift?

37. Tickets to cinema

Your love is a cinema lover? Get her a yearly subscription or buy a ticket to the movie she wants to see. If you want to make this experience even better, find an old cinema, where they show the best movies of all time. Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy a movie night with her! It will be a very cozy Christmas memory.

Tickets to cinema

38. Gift card for their favourite food place

Yes, we girls often can’t decide what we want to eat, but hey, a gift card from our favourite food place or local food delivery company voucher would be a very thoughtful gift! It would save some time, instead of deciding where to go or what to order.

Delivery company voucher

39. Dinner at the restaurant

Surprise her with great food and even better company! Quality time with your loved ones is the most important thing, especially during Christmas, let them feel loved and needed. Take your fiance to her favourite place, or maybe the place you first met! It would bring amazing memories! Or take her to the place where she always wanted to go. She’ll appreciate it!

Dinner at the restaurant

40. Favourite magazine subscription

There are plenty of different magazines, everyone can find their favourite topic - architecture, history, fashion, science, etc. So if the woman you want to surprise loves to read - get her a monthly subscription! It will be a great Christmas gift idea!

Magazine subscribtion

You can find more LeMuse gifts for her to make this Christmas special!

Plus Size Christmas Outfit Ideas for Woman 2023

How to dress for a Christmas party when you are plus size

Dressing for the Christmas party is one of the most interesting and awaited. Looking for different styles and deciding what will be the look. Good news is that you can take a few steps to make sure you look your best and feel comfortable no matter what type of party or gathering you're attending.

You need to think about where you'll be going. If it's an event where people are dressed formally, wear something similar. When it comes to parties and gatherings, there will always be a plus size dress for a Christmas party — whether jeans and t-shirts or cocktail dresses in various colors and styles (or even both). 

The most important thing is to make sure you pick something that fits your body type! Check here for how to dress when you are plus size. If you're a tall person with broad shoulders and slender hips, then stick with neutral tones like black or grey; if you're petite with curvy hips, then go for bright pastel hues like purple or turquoise; if you have big bust, then go for bold prints like reds/pinks/blues etcetera while those who are flat chested can experiment with patterns such as checks + stripes + geometric shapes.  

We prepared 10 plus size Christmas outfits ideas, so you can choose the best option for you.    

10 plus size Christmas outfits for women

Getting ready for the Christmas party will be easy if you check these outfit ideas and decide about your style. It can be cozy with a cardigan or sweater or elegant with a wrap dress.

1. A-line skirts can do wonders for your figure

A-line skirts are the best kind of Christmas outfit for plus size ladies. They have the same flattering shape as pencil skirts but without the added bulk and weight of a fitted pencil skirt. A-line skirts hide tummy bulges, thigh bulges, and other imperfections that can make you feel classy when wearing them.

A-line skirts are more comfy than pencil or wrap dresses as they are easier to move around; they don't restrict your movement as some wraps do!

Midi skirt

2. Layer with a cardigan or sweater vest

Cardigans and sweater vests are great for layering and can be worn with other layers or on their own. They're also an affordable (and easy) way to add color to your outfit: try adding a scarf the same color as your cardigan! 

Layer with a cardigan

3. Your new favorite jumpers are waiting for you

If you love a good sweater vest, this article is for you. We've got some great ones that will get you through the winter season and beyond.

We’ll start with knit sweaters (casual plus-size Christmas outfits), perfect if you want something that looks more casual than a traditional jumper but still feels warm enough to wear over your clothes. If it doesn't fit right or isn't quite as puffy as other options on our list, they can be easily layered under leggings or jeans by simply trying them at the waist like an extra belt! You’ll create an elegant look wearing a  LeMuse Asymmetric sweater with stylish leggings.

4. Put your best foot forward in sequined footwear

When you're looking to put your best foot forward, there's no need to go for something that clashes with the rest of your outfit. You should always remember what is trendy and looks good on you and stick with it! If you have a plus size Christmas party dress or skirt, wear sequined heels. And if that's not an option because it doesn't suit your body type, then don't worry—just stick with flat shoes instead!

Sequined footwear

5. You don't have to be a kid to wear leggings as pants

Leggings are the perfect alternative to jeans, and they're comfortable enough to wear with just about any top (best casual plus size Christmas outfit). Whether it's your favorite pair of leggings or a new style you've been eyeing for months, there's no reason not to add it to your cute plus size Christmas outfits this holiday season! Try leggings with LeMuse Flow blouse or LeMuse Evening dress.


6. Pick up a few sweater dresses

Sweater dresses are the perfect option for the plus size dress for a Christmas party. They can be worn with tights and boots, leggings, and sneakers, so you're covered no matter where you go. They come in various styles and colors, from classic black-and-white stripes to festive holiday prints like red velvet, checkered patterns, or even snowmen on white backgrounds.

You'll find sweater dresses in our stores, such as the LeMuse Asymmetric Muse sweater  among other plus size Christmas dresses for women.

7. Add personality with colorful accessories

Adding colorful accessories and festive outerwear is a terrific way to give any plus size Christmas clothes ideas of character, warmth, and utility. The jewelry goes a long way in adding a touch of extra glam to your plus size Christmas party outfits.

Colorful jewelry

8. Try on a pair of high-waisted pants

High-waisted pants are the best way to hide your tummy if you're looking for something that will flatter your figure. They can also be worn with blazers, and belts, as they have a wide waistband and are made in various shapes, sizes, and styles.

High-waisted pants

9. Don't forget the versatility of a wrap dress

One of the best things about a wrap dress is that it can be worn in many different ways. You can wear them as a top or even as a beach cover-up! They're tremendous plus size Christmas outfits for travel because they don't wrinkle and are easy to throw into your suitcase and take with you wherever you go. They can even be good plus size Christmas party dresses. Get the LeMuse deep blue MARINE PLUS linen dress for the best experience. 

10. Add a few layers to your look

If you're looking for a way to add style, then layering is the way to go. Layering is a great way to make your cute plus size Christmas outfits more exciting and a great way to add warmth. You can layer anything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets together or even just one piece of clothing over another.

There are so many ways that you can layer pieces in your wardrobe when dressing for plus size fashion! The possibilities are endless!



So, there you have it. We hope this has helped you find some new plus size Christmas party outfit ideas that will be perfect for your next big party or family gathering. We know they can be a challenge, but we promise that if you put in the hard work you’ll end up with Christmas outfits for plus size ladies that look great! You can check more plus size clothing ideas here.

Work Christmas Party Outfits for Women 2023

Top Office Christmas Party Outfits

This holiday season, look great at your work Christmas party by following our quick tips on what to wear for office Christmas party outfits.

1. Crew Neck Lantern Sleeve Sweater

Incorporate some holiday attire for an office party with this cute pom-pom sweater. Add your favourite pair of jeans and jewellery to a casually elegant ensemble. This work Christmas party attire helps you stay warm, look festive, and impress your boss as it is an office-ready holiday look.


2. Black Dress

A "little black dress," or LBD, is a strong choice for any woman's closet for a work Christmas party dress. You can never again have a "nothing to wear" crisis if you buy a stunning black dress because you can quickly wear it for an occasion. Choose a simple black dress that may easily be transitioned from the office to a bar for the company Christmas party outfits. Black is also a slimming colour, so it can help you look your best with this dressing for a work Christmas party.

3. Festive Sweater Dress

Wear this lovely sweater dress to the office Christmas party you have an hour or so after work but before you leave for the day. While the dress's timeless design makes it an appropriate solution for what to wear to an office Christmas party. The lovely cranberry hue and ruffles sleeves and hem ensure you’re beautiful when you dress for work at the Christmas party come the holiday season.

4. Wrap Dress

The dress' gathered waist is the perfect finishing touch for a perfect Christmas party dress. You can wear this dress as holiday attire for a workplace party if you add a pair of strappy heels.

5. The Perfect Vintage Straight Jean: Faux Leather Edition

Whether you wear them as classy work Christmas party outfits, these leather pants from Madewell will keep you looking on-trend and help you ease what to wear to the company Christmas party. These high-rise pants come in three neutral tones and are crafted from ultra-soft imitation leather for comfort, and they are best for work Christmas party outfits.

Leather pants
Leather pants

6. The Classic Cocktail Dress

You can't go wrong with a classic cocktail dress for any festive but professional event, from a cocktail party to an evening gala. This timeless sheath has a touch of sexiness thanks to its sheer lace neckline. Keep in mind that this is still a business event, and always err on caution. Your attire should be understated and elegant at all times. This dress is an excellent option.

7. Cropped, Black, Flowy Pants

In some companies, the annual holiday party is a formal sit-down dinner at a local restaurant. For these Christmas outfit ideas, pair loose-fitting black cropped pants with a silky blouse or opulent velvet top. This velvet wrap top is the perfect addition to your party attire. This outfit is ultra-chic when paired with sexy pumps and dangling earrings.

Wide pants
Wide pants

8. An Elegant Velvet Dress

A velvet dress is glamorous without being over the top for a formal work function. There are many different velvet colours available for the office Xmas party, but the most stunning costumes are made of green or blue velvet for the party look.

9. Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere Scarf

Wear this cosy scarf over your favourite dress or sweater for a pop of colour and comfort. Moreover, if you spend any time outside during the celebration, this will help keep you warm.

10. Golden Floral Small Statement Earrings

Given their refined design, these flower studs may be worn any time of year and make a stunning fashion statement. They put a polish on an otherwise laid-back ensemble by framing the face in just the right ways.


11. Wristlet Wallet

This clutch is a quick way to add colour to any outfit. It has a cross-body strap you can take off if you do not carry it. It can also hold everything you need for a night out during the office Christmas party.

Clutch bag
Clutch bag

12. Blazer

Fabric and accessories are the keys to successfully substituting a blazer for a cocktail dress at the office holiday party. Any casual work Christmas party outfit can look more professional by adding a blazer, but a blazer with jewelled buttons and grosgrain or satin trims will take it to the next level for the work Christmas party. You can get away with subtle variations during the day at the office while saving your satin-lapel blazer for when you need to impress.


13. Two-Piece Suit

This two-piece suit will fit the bill if dresses aren't your thing. The long blazer is given some flair with the help of tortoiseshell buttons. Put on some heels and a basic tank top to complete the look. This outfit would look fantastic with some brogues if you're not heel-wearing and is the best for holidays.


14. Off-Shoulder Sequined Maxi Dress

This sequined dress workwear is perfect for when you want to make a bold fashion statement. Makeup and footwear should be kept to a minimum of fuss to avoid seeming too gaudy. The clothing cries out for subdued tones.

Sequin dress
Sequin dress

15. The Eye-Catching Christmas Heels

Are you going to put much effort into your party attire this year? The best way to make a statement in a pair of multi-strap sandals from the 1990s is to wear them with sequin side-split slacks. Add some significant shine with a pair of metallic Christmas heels; you will surely get compliments on them.


16. The All-That-Glitter Sneakers

Sneakers, especially those with embellishments or animal prints, can be the perfect party shoes, proving that you don't always need to wear heels to look put together. Shine bright at the holiday party in a low-heeled pair of glittering party shoes.


17. The Failsafe Black Party Shoes

Black shoes are the go-to for any formal occasion. Sleek black boots, classic black courts, and black mules encrusted with diamante are the best footwear for timeless styling and the finishing touch to any after-hours ensemble. Think of stylish black heels as your "little black dress" (LBD) footwear.

Black shoes
Black shoes

18. Shaping Skinny Jeans

It would help if you had a reliable pair of jeans to get you through more casual holiday gatherings. Throw your favourite sweater over these Levi's, and you'll have a warm, party-ready outfit.

Shaping skinny jeans
Shaping skinny jeans

19. Fluffy Faux Fur Short Coat

The addition of this faux fur jacket elevates any ensemble to the level required for a party. No matter how chilly it is outdoors, you won't feel the chill and can solve the challenges of what to wear to an office Christmas party.

Fluffy Faux Fur Short Coat
Fluffy Faux Fur Short Coat

20. Knitted Cardigan

Knitted cardigans are the way to go for a genuinely joyful and festive look. This garment might be perfect for a "Christmas jumper day" company party or a festive night out at the local watering hole. If you wear it with jeans, you may make it a fashionable holiday ensemble.


Understanding what to wear to work at a Christmas party is very essential in building your confidence for a holiday. With the appropriate choice for the work Christmas party outfits, you’re assured of the best holiday experience with your colleagues. However, consider looking for more Christmas party outfit ideas to enjoy your holiday season.

Trendy Christmas Party Outfit Ideas 2023

10 Christmas Party Outfit Ideas for Women

When Christmas is around the corner you have to ensure everything is planned out early to avoid the last-minute rush of looking for Christmas clothes. Here are some of the best Christmas party outfit ideas:

1. Red Christmas outfits

If you’re looking for Christmas ideas then red Christmas outfits are perfect for the occasion. Red is a perfect fit for women over 40. Most women love wearing red outfits during special occasions like Christmas. It's often a trendy color especially when we're approaching Christmas, making it easy to find perfect Christmas clothes for women. Fortunately, different types of women can find Christmas with their favorite shed of red. If you're a lover of fuchsia or pink, choosing such outfits is also great for the occasion.

2. Black Outfits

While black dresses are the hardest outfits to wear, they are also some of the essentials everyone should have in their wardrobes. You can wear a little black dress to any occasion and at any time of the year while staying unique.

There is a reason why black has remained to be a popular color throughout time. Black colors are less memorable, making them perfect to wear all the time. You can choose a flattering black dress that's less revealing but elevate your look by choosing revealing outerwear, shoes, and accessories. Wool dresses are a good idea. Or, for example, a stunning necklace or earrings will add more glamour to your black outfit for Christmas.

3. Velvet Dresses

Velvet is one of the classy Christmas outfit ideas to wear on any holiday even. It's the trend right now and you can find the perfect velvet outfit to wear. The good thing is that velvet is versatile, offering you a couple of options including velvet dresses, tops, or velvet pants. If you were looking for casual Christmas outfit ideas, wearing velvet with jeans or wide-leg pants is what you need to stand out at your favorite Christmas party.

4. Embellishment

Embellishments like pearls or crystals are the trend right now. No wonder many people are embellishing everything including hats, gloves, and shoes. Besides, they're perfect for jeans, making them one of the best casual Christmas outfit ideas. For example, if you want to stand out at any holiday event, you should try pearl-embellished denim or a top with crystals worn with jeans or pants.

Crystal-embellished blouse

5. Pastels

Light pastels are a stunning approach to the holiday season and one that would leave many people talking. This festive season is all about pale pinks and lilacs. You can wear them in black to suit the festive season. Even wool sweaters will fit you perfectly.

However, you don’t have to wear black dresses. You can also consider other options including plum, chocolate brown, navy, or stylish charcoal. More than that, if you want to send a statement of intent and add contrast to your outfit, you should consider a lighter party skirt.

6. Menswear-inspired suit

While a dress can be a perfect Christmas dinner outfit, you can make do without it and instead wear a tuxedo. You’ll be able to stand out from the crowd. You should combine masculine and feminine by opting for feminine accessories.


7. Lace

Just like velvet, lace Christmas outfits are perfect for the holiday season. The good thing is that lace outfits are suitable for formal and casual settings. So you can wear a lace dress for your Christmas party or a lace top to wear with pants or jeans if you want to achieve a casual look.

Lace dress
Lace dress

8. Sequins

Sequins often look beautiful for Christmas. It’s shiny and revealing. Sequin skirts and pants are a popular style right now. You can dress it up with a camisole top, silk shirt, or a sweater to add more vibe to your outlook. You could also opt for full-on sequins with a sequin suit that you can wear separately.

Sequin dress
Sequin dress

9. Long dresses

If you want to achieve more glamour, choosing a long dress or gown will create a huge statement of intent, making you stand out from the crowd.

10. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits can be a hell of a ride. However, as long as you’re able to fasten your jumpsuit with ease without help, it can be a perfect Christmas outfit for women. Combining red with a bright jumpsuit or choosing a classic neutral can be a perfect Christmas outfit.


The dos and don’ts of Christmas outfits


-   Use tinsel as an accessory but apply it liberally

-  Combine menswear with feminine accessories

-  Wear all go-out outfits like glittering floor-length princess dresses and gowns.

- Stay simple if you aren’t sure about what to wear for Christmas

- Fully embrace the festive season

You can get inspired about plus size christmas outfit ideas.


- Avoid wearing shiny Christmas clothes

- Don’t pair lizard skin leggings with tailcoats

- Don’t wear revealing tops

- Don't wear a shiny white bra underneath red dresses


Christmas is right around the corner. Therefore, ensure to work out everything in time to avoid last-minute stress. If you were stressed about the perfect Christmas outfit, the Christmas party outfit ideas will help you find the perfect one. 

You can find work Christmas party outfits ideas, as well plus size Christmas outfit ideas on our blog.

Best Plus Size Outfit Ideas 2023

10 Trendy Plus-Size Outfits for Women

If you're looking for trendy plus-size clothes, here are some suggestions you can find worthy of considering. These plus-size looks are perfect for achieving an hourglass figure.

1. Crochet Knit Midi Skirt

This pretty crochet knit skirt falls below the knee and features a flattering A-line silhouette. It has an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit and is finished with a pretty crochet trim. This lightweight and stylish skirt is perfect for the warmer months. It is an extremely comfortable outfit for plus size ladies to wear and easily adjust to fit any body type.

Midi skirt

2. Nice Shirt

The shirt is made of 100% cotton and is meant to be worn buttoned up. It has a pointed collar and two chest pockets. It is one of the most preferred styles for plus-size ladies. It can help to accentuate the positive features of the body and can also help to slim down the appearance of the body. Plus size ladies can also feel confident and stylish in a shirt, which is important in feeling good about oneself.

Nice shirt

3. Women’s Bell Long Sleeve Dress

The Bell Long Sleeve Dress from Women's is an excellent choice for a typical day out or a night. The comfortable and flattering fit makes this dress a must-have in your wardrobe. It is also very comfortable and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Plus size women will love how this dress makes them feel feminine and beautiful. Please check how to choose a plus size dress.

4. Cut-Out Ruched Dress

This dress's modern silhouette makes it the perfect plus size style for a special occasion. It is a figure-flattering, cocktail-length dress with a ruched bodice and cut-out sides. The ruching on the dress helps to slim the waist and accentuate the curves, while the cut-outs add a touch of sexiness. Plus, size women will love how this dress makes them look and feel. These cute outfits for plus size women are made from a stretchy, wrinkle-resistant fabric and are available in black, red, and white.

Cut-out dress

5. Softest Turtleneck Sweater

This soft and cosy turtleneck sweater is perfect for chilly days! The relaxed fit and lightweight fabric make it easy to wear all day long, while the ribbed details add a touch of texture. Plus-size women enjoy soft turtleneck sweaters for various reasons. Many plus-size women choose turtlenecks because it slims and enhances curves and are warm enough for chilly weather. These are the best outfits for plus size ladies in cold weather. For plus-size women, a soft turtleneck sweater is versatile and attractive.

Turtle neck

6. Faux-Leather Jacket with Faux-Shearling Trim

This dressing for plus-size women is a great alternative to genuine leather jackets and is highly versatile. These cute outfits for plus size women's are a great option for plus size ladies because they provide warmth and coverage without adding bulk. The jackets are also typically fitted, which helps to flatter a plus-size figure. This makes it a considerable plus size outfit idea for women.

Leather jacket

7. Denim

As with the rest of the industry, the best plus-size jeans for curvy women have come a long way in the previous decade. There are plus-size looks for everyone, whether you're looking for the best slimming jeans with built-in shaping panels for a stomach-smoothing fit or plus- size designer jeans that follow the denim trends. You can dress denim up or down, depending on how you style it. Denim also benefits plus-size women by creating the illusion of a slimmer figure.


8. Knitwear

Knitwear has become a key component of our wardrobes by considering the clothing ideas for plus size. You may stay warm and comfortable in the finest cashmere sweaters or knits made from natural fibres, which will also assist in regulating your body temperature.

Knitwear can also be very comfortable and easy to wear, making it a great option for everyday wear. It can aid ladies in emphasising their curves and giving the appearance of a smaller waistline. Ladies often prefer this kind of look for plus size because it is more figure-flattering and can help to slim down their overall appearance.

9. Style 11 Honore

If you are looking for plus size looks for a formal event, go no further than 11 Honore, a high-end store with only the most exquisite designer plus-size collections. The fabric is soft and stretchy, making it ideal for women who want to feel comfortable in their clothes. This makes it one of the best styles for plus size ladies.

Formal event dress

10. Original Trucker Jacket

This trucker jacket is medium wash, making it look fantastic with lighter jeans. It is a versatile and stylish jacket that can be worn in various ways. Trucker jackets are a great option for plus size ladies because they are designed to flatter your curves. This dressing for plus size will give you a sleek and stylish look that will accentuate your best assets.

Trucker jacket


There are a variety of plus size outfits for women that you can choose for any occasion. Find the best style dresses for plus size that will fit you well and make you feel special. Our guidelines are worth considering for your best outfit preferences. If you're planning to attend wedding, here are some plus size dresses for wedding guest.

2023 SUMMER LINEN COLLECTION – inspired by Nordic minimalism

We prepared you some romantic and subtle styles. It’s a great choice for various occasions -  evening walks in a park or on the beach, dinners with friends, big celebrations, etc.! So let’s celebrate this summer together!

Here are some of our favourites:

Charming, right? We think that simplicity is key and that beauty hides in small details, such as puff sleeves or the open back of the garment. That’s why we introduce you to LeMuse black CHARM linen dress. It’s minimalistic and such a romantic look. You can match this dress with sneakers or heels - looks fantastic with both! Either way, as the name spoils already - it gives you extra charm. So get ready to steal the show! 

CHARM dress features A-line fit, length above-the-knee, short puff sleeves, open back and boat neckline.

Something completely different from CHARM dress, but still very beautiful and created for your maximum comfort - LeMuse cerise OASIS linen shirt and LeMuse cerise SIMPLICITY linen shorts!

Cerise colour is a new addition to our family! So get ready to brighten the room this summer! You would radiate positive energy with this outfit for sure! 

OASIS linen shirt features long sleeves, collar. SIMPLICITY linen shorts feature side pockets, length above-the-knee.

Teal colour linen is one of our favourites this season. We created a few different style blouses for you this summer - sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves, etc. Best thing about it is that you can match them with one another! Every single time you can create a different look - depending on your mood, weather or occasion!

Looking for something casual? LeMuse black ISABEL linen shirt dress is a great choice for that! You can wear it as a dress or as a shirt - depending on how you feel that day! Imagine walking on the beach with this shirt and feeling the summer breeze on your skin… amazing, right?

ISABEL button-up dress/shirt features long sleeves and side pockets. 

It is so very important to feel good being yourself everywhere you go. Nothing should stop you from enjoying your blissful summer. Feel beautiful and give that linen dress a go, bringing new colours to the world!

You can check our newest linen collection here!

Can You Bleach Linen? Tips on How to Do It Right

Can you use bleach on linen?

Although bleaching natural linen fabric and similar garments is not generally recommended due to the wear and tear that inevitably happens over time, it is definitely possible to do when a refresh is needed. 

You should only implement the use of bleach on white linen as using it on darker material removes the colored dye if you find that some of your favorite white vintage linens are turning yellow or one of your napkins has a stain that you cannot remove through traditional washing, consider bleach.

However, undiluted bleach should never be applied directly to fabric, even when white. All solutions should be diluted. Remember that this approach should only be used once in a while, as diluted solutions cause fibers to wear out and rip when used too often.

In general, chlorine bleach kills germs when used to clean toilet bowls and treat countertops. They require a light hand when doing laundry. 

Here are some tips on how to successfully bleach linen.

How to bleach linen?

To bleach white linen, get either a bucket of water or a washing machine, a scoop of powdered bleach, chlorine-free detergent, and some soap.

The secret to removing stains is to do it as early as possible, for if you allow them to linger, they absorb deep into the fiber and become difficult to remove. 

  1. Treat the area with dish soap and detergent for minor spots, gently massaging until it has completely disappeared. More stains may come off with baking soda and several drops of vinegar. 
  2. Fill your chosen container with water, then soak the linen inside. It needs about two days to soak thoroughly.
  3. After filling and soaking, inspect your laundry for different stains. In most cases, you can be confident that no stains will remain but if any still appear, consider using mild soap to rub them off.
  4. Get a separate container and mix a water, bleach, and detergent solution.
  5. Next, rinse everything out. Check the condition of the linen, and repeat the same process if you are still unsatisfied with the result.
  6. Finally, you can leave it to air dry to preserve the quality for as long as possible. It's a good idea to allow it to dry in a properly ventilated area. Spread the linens out wide, hanging them on a clothesline in the fresh air. Conversely, you could use an iron with hot steam while they are still damp.

Bleach is highly effective at preserving the white color of linen fabric.

Don’t want to use chemicals and are curious how to bleach linen without bleach? There are other effective ways to whiten linen also. Here are some natural methods on how to whiten linen.

Baking soda
Hydrogen Peroxide

How to whiten linen sheets?

Most people wash sheets much less often than they care to admit. This results in yellow stains that lack the factory-sealed sparkle. Most of them grow dingy due to the body oils and sweat released while sleeping. Although the brightness can be prolonged with regular washing, many of these alternatives to chlorine bleach help make sheets white again.

Here are 5 different ideas on how to do it successfully without chemical bleach.

1. Lemon

Lemon has citric acid, which naturally helps brighten linen sheets without using any chemicals. Lemon juice is a natural method that leaves a pleasant smell on the sheets. Consider juicing a lemon, then pour it into the washer with your regular detergent.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar is found in nearly every household and has been observed as a fix-all for cleaning issues. In addition, baking soda is another popular ingredient with the natural ability to neutralize odors.

If using vinegar, mix a half cup with a gallon of water, soak the sheets, machine wash, then air dry them to eliminate hints of the smell.

If using baking soda, place a half cup at the bottom of your washing machine. Add some white vinegar to the dispenser's lining.

3. Borax

Borax is another common cleaning material with a wide variety of uses, from getting rid of mold and stains to killing pests and neutralizing all kinds of odors. However, borax can also be utilized to whiten sheets. 

Simply add a half cup of Borax to a single gallon of water, pre-soak the sheets overnight in the solution, then machine wash.

4. Liquid Bluing

Liquid bluing is a fantastic option for whitening linen sheets as it neutralizes undertones. 

To use, dilute a single teaspoon of liquid bluing in a gallon of water. Pour the solution into the bottom of your washer along with your standard detergent, then machine wash.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works best in tandem with other cleaning agents, such as baking soda. Yet, be certain now to mix it with bleach or vinegar. Instead, perform the first load with an active cleaning solution and the next with peroxide to counteract buildup and odors.

Add a single cup of hydrogen peroxide to the drum of your washer prior to adding the linen sheets, then machine wash.

Can I remove sweat stains from linen sheets?

The human body produces natural oils while sleeping, but sweat stains are affected by salt intake, hydration levels, and room temperature.

Consider staying cool at night, using a fan, and wearing breathable clothing. One of most common way to remove sweat stains just in few steps is to use white vinegar or borax: 

  1. Soak linen sheets in warm water with white vinegar or borax and leave it over the night. 
  2. After that, wash linen sheets in hot water or use the washing machine (just check your washing machine settings before doing that or check how to wash linen).

Dry linen sheets. The best is to let it dry outside or just let it air dry at home, because using a dryer might damage your linen  sheets. If you decide to iron your sheets, here are some tips on how to do that, because ironing linen might be tricky sometimes.


Can yellow pillow stains be removed?

If your pillowcase has stains which just turned yellow, it’s due to natural oils from your hair and face. For many, the culprit is a lack of washing your face or failure to remove makeup prior to going to bed. To remove stains use a water and oil cleanser to wash your linen pillows as often as possible.

Yellow stains

How can I remove blood from my linen sheets?

Blood is one of the more daunting tasks when trying to remove stains from linen sheets, as these stains require cold water without rubbing. Most effective way to get the blood out is to use hydrogen peroxide.

Blood stains


There are many ways to whiten your linen garments without chemical bleach effectively, so you can choose which one works best for you and try it. Treated with care, your linen clothes will last forever.

Can You Wear Linen To a Wedding?

Is it okay to wear a linen dress to a wedding?

Absolutely! Linen clothing is a great choice  to wear to a summer destination wedding, because linen is a lightweight fabric. Linen is also very versatile and can be worn in many different styles. Amazing thing about linen is that even though it is such a simple fabric, it can look very elegant.

If you want to wear linen wedding dresses, here are some tips: choose your linen wedding guest dress carefully, so it doesn't clash with the other colors at the bridal party. Choose something in neutral colors like black or white. These colors will work well with any color palette of your dream wedding party and give it an elegant look without overpowering them.

When to wear linen for a wedding?

Knowing the wedding destination and its suggested dress code makes it easier to plan your outfit. Here is a destinations list for when and where you can wear linen for a wedding.

Beach weddings

Beach weddings tend to be casual affairs, so you don't want your lovely wedding outfit to be too formal or over the top. You also want to wear your wedding dress sparingly after the wedding day. Therefore, choose a white linen dress for a beach wedding with a style that works well with your body type. If you're planning on wearing a linen dress at a beach wedding, consider adding accessories that interest your look — like jewelry or sandals with cute heels.

Outdoor weddings

Linen is an excellent choice for outdoor weddings because it's a classic, timeless design that fits into any setting. Linen can be worn at outdoor summer weddings when the temperature is warm and in the winter when you need to stay warm and cozy. Regarding bridal wear, linen is ideal for an outdoor wedding. These dresses are light and airy, just like the soft fabric they're made from.


Daytime weddings

Linen is ideal for daytime weddings, as it's casual and easy to wear. It also provides a sense of elegance and sophistication. The best time to wear linen is in the morning when you're still feeling fresh but not too hot or bothered by the heat. The same goes for evening weddings - linen is your best option if you don't want to be overdressed as you interact with nature.

If you decide to wear a linen dress for an upcoming wedding, you can find some outfit ideas below.

Linen dress ideas for a wedding guest

There are many different styles of linen dresses. Here are some examples of what you can wear at the wedding as a guest.

1. A pale blue linen dress

For a wedding guest, there's nothing better than a pale blue linen dress—it's the perfect shade of light blue linen dress for a beach wedding that can be worn with everything from sandals to heels. It also makes an excellent choice if you're looking for something to wear when it's hot outside. Your outfit would look great paired with sandals, flip-flops, and a sunhat.

2. Linen strap dress with a jacket

If the weather is hot and sunny, you can wear a light beach wedding linen dress with some sort of jacket over it. This will keep your skin from getting too hot while still looking good. If it's chilly, go for something lighter than the dress itself—like a tank top or a t-shirt—and pair it with boots or shoes with heels (to keep them from slipping off).

3. A white linen dress with a full skirt

A white linen dress for wedding guests with a full skirt is an excellent option for those who prefer to go without a jacket. This kind of look can be paired with accessories like handbags and shoes. You could also get creative and add your touch to the outfit by wearing jewelry or accessorizing with more than one accessory.

4. A short-sleeved linen dress with a jacket

A linen dress with a jacket is the perfect choice for a friend or family member's wedding guest. It's elegant, stylish, and can be worn in any season. The jacket should be lightweight and not too long—it should just cover your shoulders.


Linen is a great fabric for summer and hot weather destination weddings. It's breathable, cooling, wrinkle-resistant and most important - very comfortable. If you're looking for something simple yet elegant and not too formal, try wearing linen for weddings. You’ll find all the benefits of linen here.

Summer Essentials For Every Women 2023

Top Essentials for Summer

There are 21 summer essentials from classic white shirts to boho style maxi dress. Get to know all the ideas and choose the one most suitable for you.

1. White T-shirt

A white t-shirt is a universal piece you can dress up or down, making it a summer wardrobe staple. It's excellent for layering or wearing and is essential for the season. 

White t-shirt

2. Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe pieces, offering a stylish layer for those cooler summer nights. Whether you opt for classic light-wash denim or a trendy distressed finish, a denim jacket is a must-have for the season.

Denim jacket

3. Classic Two-Strap Sandals

Sandals are a summertime must-have, and the classic two-strap style is a timeless choice that one can wear. They're comfortable and versatile, making them the perfect footwear choice for any summer attire for women. Sandals with white linen shorts are a perfect classic look.


4. White Shirt 

A white shirt is a summer wardrobe essential worn in various ways. Whether you opt for a crisp cotton shirt or a flowy linen option, a white shirt is a timeless and stylish piece that every woman should have in her closet. For hot summer days we recommend choosing linen shirts. Here are some tips on how to style linen shirt

White shirt

5. Carryall Tote

A carryall tote is a perfect accessory for all your essentials during the summer. Choose a neutral color that will match any outfit, and look for a style with enough room for all your needs, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle.

6. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a comfortable and casual option for summer, offering a relaxed fit that's perfect for weekend wear. They can be worn up or down, making them the must-have favorite summer styles for women.

Boyfriend jeans

7. Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is the perfect combination of comfort and style, making it a must-have in any summer wardrobe. Look for a lightweight fabric, such as cotton or linen, and choose a neutral color for maximum versatility.

8. Midi Skirt

A midi skirt is a stylish and universal piece you can dress up or down for any summer occasion. Use a neutral color and a lightweight fabric for maximum comfort, and pair it with a simple top for a classic summer look. This is a great choice for modest fashion lovers. 

9. Elegant Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are timeless and are back in full force this summer. This elegant wrap dress is the perfect choice for a dressy summer occasion. The lightweight, breathable material will keep you cool and comfortable all day long, while the flattering wrap style is both feminine and chic. The dress is available in various colors, making it easy to find one that complements your skin tone.

10. Beautiful Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a must-have summer wardrobe essentials, and this dress is an excellent example of why. The beautiful, flowing style is perfect for a hot day, and the lightweight, airy material will keep you cool and comfortable. The dress features a flattering, fitted silhouette that cinches at the waist, creating a feminine, hourglass shape. It's available in various colors and prints, making it easy to find one that complements your style.

11. Cut-Out Dress

This dress is a 2023 trend, and it's sure to make a statement. Made of lightweight materials, it's perfect for hot weather and comes in various colors and patterns.

12. Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a trend for 2023 and are perfect for those who want a relaxed, boho look. Made of lightweight materials, they come in a variety of colors and patterns and are ideal for summer. 

13. Floral Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a must-have for the summer, and adding a touch of floral to it makes it even more perfect. This dress is ideal for beach vacations or brunch with friends. The lightweight and flowy material will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Floral maxi dress

14. Linen Shift Dress 

Linen is among the best summer fabrics, as it's lightweight and breathable. A linen shift dress is a perfect choice for a casual day out or a day at the office. Women can dress it, and the simplicity of the design makes it versatile for any summer occasion.

15. Off-the-Shoulder Dress 

Off-the-shoulder dresses are a 2023 trend and are perfect for summer. The shoulder-baring style is flirty and feminine, while the lightweight fabric will keep you cool on hot summer days.

16. Striped T-Shirt Dress

A simple t-shirt dress is a summer staple; adding stripes makes it even more stylish. It's perfect for a casual day out and can be combined with different accessories.

Striped dress

17. Denim Sundress

A denim sundress is a simple and chic choice for summer. The denim is durable, and the sundress style is perfect for a hot summer day.

Denim dress

18. Gingham Summer Dress

Gingham is a popular pattern for summer, and a gingham summer dress is a cute and stylish choice. The lightweight material and attractive design make it perfect for a summer picnic or day out.

Gingham Summer Dress

19. Spaghetti Strap Sundress 

A spaghetti strap sundress is a feminine and flirty choice for summer. The thin straps are perfect for hot summer days, and the sundress style is flattering for all body types.

20. Lace Sundress

A lace sundress is a stylish and elegant choice for summer. The lightweight material and delicate lace design make it perfect for a summer wedding or special occasion.

Lace dress

21. Ruffle Dress

Ruffle dresses are a 2023 trend and are perfect for summer. The ruffles add a playful and feminine touch to the dress, while the lightweight material will keep you comfortable and cool on hot summer days.

Tips on How to Prepare Your Wardrobe for Summer

Summer is a time to show off your style and enjoy the sun, but preparing your wardrobe can be overwhelming. Below are some tips to help you prepare your wardrobe for summer:

1. Get rid of any clothes that don't fit

The first step in preparing your summer wardrobe is to get rid of any clothes that don't fit. Go through your closet and try on each piece of clothing to see if it still works. If it doesn't, consider donating it or passing it on to a friend.

2. Get rid of any clothes that don't suit you

Next, get rid of any clothes that don't suit you or your style: This includes outdated garments, clothes that you've only worn once or twice, and clothes that make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Get some inspiration

Before you start buying new summer essentials, get some inspiration. Look at fashion blogs, magazines, and social media for the latest summer trends and styles, find some cute summer dresses. Consider the colors, patterns, and styles you're drawn to, and use this as a guide when shopping for new summer clothes.

4. Start buying new pieces

Once you understand what you're looking for, buy new pieces to add to your summer wardrobe. Focus on purchasing multifunctional, stylish, and comfortable women's summer fashion items you can wear in various ways: White t-shirts, denim jackets, classic two-strap sandals, and carryall totes.

5. Invest in versatile items

A universal piece can be worn in multiple ways, making it an excellent investment for your summer wardrobe. Look for items like a classic white shirt, denim jacket, and a carryall tote that can be dressed depending on the occasion.

6. Add some color

Summer is the perfect time to add some color to your wardrobe. Choose summer clothing essentials with bright, sunny colors that reflect the season.

7. Accessorize

Remember to accessorize your outfits with a stylish hat, sunglasses, and sandals. These summer necessities can add a touch of fun and personality to your look.

8. Embrace the latest trends

If you're looking to cope with the latest trends, consider incorporating some of the newest summer women's styles into your wardrobe. From casual tops to trendy jeans, there's something for everyone. While building a multifunctional summer wardrobe, you can also incorporate the latest trends. Add a stylish skirt or a pair of trendy boyfriend jeans to your summer essentials list/closet to stay current with the latest fashion.

9. Focus on comfort

Summer is all about staying comfortable and relaxed, so make sure to add items to your wardrobe that prioritize comfort. White linen shorts, classic two-strap sandals, and a white t-shirt are all the best summer looks for women you'll want to make room for in your closet.

10. Add statement pieces

Statement pieces make a bold statement and add personality to your outfits. Look for statement pieces like a white dress, colorful sunglasses, and a classic hat that can elevate your summer looks.


A well-prepared summer wardrobe is essential for any woman who wants to look great during the sunny season. Following these tips, you'll create a closet full of versatile, stylish, and comfortable summer essentials that will help you look your best all summer long. So get ready to enjoy the sun, the beach, and all the latest women's summer fashion!


Cashmere vs Wool: Warmth and Other Differences

What is Wool?

Wool is a natural fiber from the fleece of sheep, goats, and alpacas. It is known for its warming properties and versatility, making it a popular choice for high quality wool clothes. Wool fibers are made up of protein, which is naturally bacteria-resistant. The fibers are also naturally absorbent, allowing the skin to breathe and keeping the body warm in cold weather. Get to know about benefits of wool.

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is a wool-type that comes from the fine hairs of goats (Cashmere goats, including Kashmir goats). These goats are typically found in the Himalayas, and their fleece is used to make cashmere wool. The cashmere fibers are much finer than regular wool, making it softer and lighter. Thus, cashmere is a popular choice for winter clothing, as it can trap heat without adding extra weight or heaviness to the garment itself.

Cashmere vs Wool main differences

Both Cashmere and Wool have their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s compare main properties and characteristics to find out what are the main differences and similarities between the two.


One of the differences between cashmere and Wool is their warmth. Cashmere fibers are much finer than wool fibers, which makes them better at trapping heat without adding extra weight or bulk to the garment. So, is cashmere warmer than Wool? Yes, it is ideal for cold weather and layering under other clothing. The fineness of cashmere fibers also makes them ideal for creating lightweight and warm winter garments such as sweaters, scarves, and hats.

Wool fibers, on the other hand, are thicker than cashmere fibers. While wool fibers are also naturally insulating, they are not as fine as cashmere fibers, which means they do not trap heat as effectively. However, this also means that wool garments are more durable and suitable for outerwear. The thicker fibers of wool make the material more resistant and durable to wear and tear.

Another factor contributing to the warmth of cashmere and wool is the density of fibers per square inch. Cashmere fibers are less dense than wool fibers, which means cashmere fabrics are lighter and more breathable: This makes cashmere garments more comfortable to wear as they allow better air circulation and prevent overheating. Wool fibers are denser, which makes wool fabric heavier and less breathable: This makes wool garments more suitable for colder and windy weather conditions.



The cashmere vs wool durability is another key difference. Wool fibers are naturally elastic, which means they can stretch and return to their original shape without losing shape, making wool garments more durable and long-lasting. Wool fibers also naturally resist wear and tear and are better suited for outerwear and activewear. The wool fibers' natural crimp also helps protect them from damage.

On the other hand, cashmere fibers are more delicate and prone to pilling and wearing out faster than wool fibers. Cashmere fibers are finer and more prone to damage from abrasion, so they are less suitable for heavy wear. Cashmere fibers are also more prone to breaking, which means they are more delicate and require more care when washing and storing.

Grey wool sweater WINTER


Itchiness is a common concern in wool garments, as the fibers can be rough on the skin. However, cashmere is considered less itchy than wool because it does not contain lanolin, which can cause itching in some people.

Cashmere fibers are much finer than wool fibers, which means they are softer and smoother on the skin. Hence, cashmere garments are more comfortable to wear, especially for those who have sensitive skin. The fine fibers of cashmere are not as likely to irritate the skin and cause itching as compared to wool fibers.

On the other hand, wool fibers can be scratchy or rougher on the skin if they are not treated or blended with other fibers to make them softer. Some wool garments, such as those made from Merino wool, are treated with special processes such as "super-washing," which makes the fibers softer and less itchy. Other wool garments can be blended with fibers, such as silk or polyester, to make them softer and less itchy.



When it comes to caring, cashmere vs wool garments have different requirements. Cashmere garments are much more delicate than wool garments and require more careful handling.

Cashmere garments should be hand washed or dry-cleaned since they can be easily damaged. It's important to use a mild detergent and cool water when hand washing cashmere. Avoid using hot water or bleach, as this can cause the fibers to shrink or lose their shape. After washing, cashmere garments should be gently squeezed out of excess water and laid flat to dry. Never put cashmere garments in the dryer, as the heat can damage the fibers.

On the other hand, wool garments can be machine washed, but it's best to hand wash or dry-clean them to prevent shrinkage and damage. When hand washing wool garments, use a mild detergent and cool water. Never use hot water or bleach, as this can cause the fibers to shrink or lose their shape. Wool garments should be gently squeezed out of excess water and laid flat to dry. They should not be hung out or wrung to dry, as this can cause the fibers to stretch and lose shape. There is more information on how to soften wool here.




Cost is another important factor to consider when choosing between cashmere and wool. Cashmere is generally considered a luxury natural fiber and more expensive than wool because the production process of cashmere is more labor-intensive, and the fibers are much finer. The cost of cashmere also depends on the quality of the fibers. High-quality cashmere fibers are longer, finer, and more uniform in color, which makes them more expensive.

On the other hand, wool can vary in price depending on the quality of the Wool and the brand. Merino wool, for example, is considered premium wool and has a higher cost than regular wool. However, Wool can also be found at a more affordable price point, depending on the quality of the fibers and the brand.

It's also important to consider the fibers' source and ensure they are ethically and sustainably produced. Some cashmere and wool garments are produced using unethical or unsustainable practices, which can drive costs.

You read about differences between Cashmere and Wool, but you can find even more differences if you compare Cashmere to Merino wool. Here are the main differences between them.


Cashmere vs Merino wool

Merino wool is a wool type that comes from the Merino sheep. Like cashmere, it is known for its softness and warmth. However, let's distinguish: Merino wool vs cashmere. Cashmere is warmer than Merino wool, which can be seven to eight times warmer. Another difference between cashmere and wool is that cashmere is softer than Merino wool, as it has a higher loft. However, merino wool is more durable than cashmere and is a better choice for active wear.

Cashmere vs Wool? Which one to choose?

When choosing wool cashmere, it's important to consider your needs and preferences. Both cashmere and wool have unique properties that make them suitable for different types of clothing and occasions.

Cashmere is considered to be a luxury natural fiber that is known for its warmth and softness. It's a great choice for winter clothing, such as cashmere sweaters, scarves, and blankets. It's also a popular choice for high-end fashion collections. Cashmere is a great choice if you're looking for a warm and soft fabric that can be worn in cold weather.

On the other hand, wool is a versatile natural fiber known for its durability and moisture-wicking properties. It's a great choice for activewear, outdoor clothing, and household items. Wool is a great choice if you're looking for a fabric that can withstand wear and tear and keep you warm and comfortable in wet conditions.

Wool vs Cashmere

When choosing between cashmere and wool, it's also important to consider the itchiness factor, especially if you have sensitive skin. Cashmere is considered to be less itchy than wool as it does not contain lanolin.

In terms of cost, cashmere is generally more expensive than wool because the production process of cashmere is more labor-intensive, and the fibers are much finer. However, wool garments can also vary in price, depending on the quality of the Wool and the brand. It's also worth considering the fibers' source and ensuring they are ethically and sustainably produced.

Regarding care, cashmere garments are considered more delicate and require more careful handling than wool garments. However, proper care of wool garments can also prolong their lifespan and make them last for years.

Whether you choose cashmere or wool depends on your personal preference, budget, and the garment's purpose. Cashmere is a great choice if you're looking for a warm and soft fabric that can be worn in cold weather, while wool is a great choice if you're looking for a fabric that can withstand wear and tear and keep you warm and comfortable in wet conditions.

Wool vs Cashmere


In conclusion, cashmere and wool are both great choices for winter-weather garments, but they have different properties, advantages, and characteristics. Cashmere is warmer, softer, and lighter than wool, but it is also more delicate and expensive. Wool is more durable and suitable for activewear but is warmer than cashmere. Ultimately, the choice between cashmere and wool comes down to personal preference and the garment's intended use. Find wool vs cotton comparisons on our blog. 


How to Get Stains Out of Linen Easily

Do stains come out of linen easily?

Linen is a delicate fabric that easily damaged, so it is important to treat stains quickly and with care. Old stains can be particularly difficult to remove, as they have had time to set and become ingrained in the fibers. Additionally, linen fibers can be weakened by chlorine bleach, so it is important to use non-toxic products when removing stains.

It is also important to note that not all stains can be removed easily. Some stains, such as those caused by ink, dyes, and certain types of food, can be permanent and may not come out of linen even with the most effective methods. In these cases, it will be good to accept the stain as part of the linen's character or consider using it for less visible tasks such as cleaning.

Another factor that can make removing linen stains difficult is the linen's age. Vintage linens, for example, may have been exposed to years of stains and wear, making it harder to remove any new stains. In this case, handling any stains with extra care and avoiding using harsher methods that can weaken the linen fibers is important.

Also, note that not all linen is created equal; some linen is high-quality, others not. High-quality linen clothes are more resistant to stains and wear and tear, making it easier to remove any stains that may occur.

Baking soda jar
Linen stain removal products

How to get stains out of linen?

There are several effective ways to remove stains from linen fabric, including home remedies and commercial products. It is important to act quickly and treat the stain as soon as it occurs, as old stains can be more difficult to remove. Below are some of the most successful methods for removing stains from linen:

  • Pre-treat the stain: The best way to remove a stain is to act quickly and treat it as soon as it occurs: This can be done by applying a pre-treatment solution to the stain, such as a mixture of white vinegar and water. The acidity in the vinegar can help break down the stain and make it easier to remove. For best results, let the solution be on the stain for about 15 minutes before washing. More information on how to wash linen.
  • Use home remedies: Several natural stain removal methods can remove stains from linen, such as baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice. These methods are non-toxic and can effectively remove stains, but it is important to test them on a small, inconspicuous area before using them on the entire stain.
  • Use commercial products: There are many commercial linen stain removal products that can effectively remove stains. Follow the instructions on the product label and use them as directed.
  • Use laundry detergent and oxygen bleach: Another effective method to remove linen stains are using laundry detergent and oxygen bleach. The detergent will help to break down the stain, and the oxygen bleach will help to remove it. Oxygen bleach is a safe alternative to chlorine bleach and will not damage the linen fibers. Also, follow the instructions on the product label and use them as directed. Please check additional information on how to bleach linen.
  • Use specialized stain remover: For tough stains, specialized stain removers may be needed. These are specially formulated to remove specific stains, such as wine, coffee, or grease. Be sure to follow the directions on the product label and use them as directed.

Note that not all methods are suitable for all types of stains. For example, some stains may need a specialized stain remover, while others only need a pretreatment solution.