Top 5 plus size clothing items you need in your wardrobe

Top 5 plus size clothing items you need in your wardrobe

We all have our favourite clothing, starting from that casual summer dress and finishing with your favourite and extremely old jeans. Some clothes are just a necessity in our wardrobes and hearts. Could you imagine a trip to the ocean without your favourite dress? Would you feel the same without your favourite linen trousers? We present you with some of our favourite plus size clothing pieces.

1. Plus size dress

Let’s start with the perfect summer dress. Summer is the time when the weather is ever so inviting and your schedule is full of plans of going to the seaside and garden parties in the green lushness. Therefore, it is quite possible that you would look forward to getting your perfect summer dress in plus size!

Take a look at the gorgeous plus size Chloe dress in dusty rose coloured linen. The material of the dress is just a perfection for hot and warm weather because it lets your skin breathe with ease. The design of this model is just gorgeous in plus size and will make you shine wherever you go!

A plus size linen dress like deep blue Olive could become your best choice for the evenings of springtime and autumn. The dress is of minimal design and has a beautiful belt that can also be used as a scarf. Just change your shoes and accessories and you have a different outfit for different occasions. It is so easy to go from an informal plus size dress to a formal one!

2. Plus size pants

Owning a pair of plus size trousers can be a total game changer. Especially if they are made from linen material. Plus size linen pants like Mix&Match in deep blue are classy and elegant. The pants can be worn as everyday wear and on special occasions as well. Just match and mix them with cute linen shirts and blouses like plus size linen top in deep blue Mix&Match or light blue linen shirt Snow and watch the magic!

3. Plus size sweater

There is no denying that having at least one sweater for colder seasons is highly advantageous.
Nevertheless, a good sweater can come in handy during summertime, especially near the ocean, where the wind is always breezy. Look for a cozy and elegant plus size sweater, like gray POEM sweater in wool. A grey colour and timeless design is what makes this sweater so lovable!

A dark colour plus size sweater dress is another sophisticated choice for the season of autumn! This garment is a perfection for outdoors and indoors and can be worn in formal and informal situations!

Check out our sweater dress in black wool MUSE.

4. Plus size cardigan

A plus size cardigan is definitely a must for your wardrobe, no matter the season. A stylish cardigan will make any outfit complete and help you feel your best! For real comfort and elegance, take a look at navy linen cardigan Sweet.

5. Plus size skirt

What is always elegant, never goes out of style, and fits you well at work or on a lazy sunday brunch with some friends? Well of course, a gorgeous skirt. When choosing a plus size skirt, think about what clothing you will be matching to it. Do you like warm and bright colours? Are most of your blouses coloured either orange, brown, yellow or green? Take a look at our lovely linen skirt in orange - Valencia!

Are you looking for a modest yet sophisticated model of darker colours? You would love a plus sized Flower skirt in deep blue. Just imagine wearing it!

These are our top 5 plus size clothing items that are a must in your wardrobe. One thing is always certain, finding the right items for your best wardrobe takes some time but when you do, it feels amazing!

For extra tips on how to properly measure yourself and choose the right clothing size, take a look at this article.